Amazon Flex App: A Comprehensive Guide

Want to make some extra money by working part-time?

Delivering packages can be a rewarding choice for you.

The whole Amazon Flex job operates on the Amazon Flex App, where you’ll pick up packages and deliver them to the customer’s doorstep.

While there’s a process behind this app, that’s exactly what you are going to know.

Now, let’s begin 

Quick Highlights

Amazon Flex App Functionality
The Amazon Flex App is a crucial tool for drivers, available on Android and iPhone devices. It allows drivers to choose delivery blocks, manage personal information, check earnings, and more.

Device Compatibility
The app is compatible with specific devices. For iOS devices, it requires iOS 13.0 or newer, and for Android devices, it demands Android 6.0 or newer with at least 2GB of RAM, a camera with flash, and GPS functionality.

Sign-Up Process
To become an Amazon Flex driver, users need to download and install the app, create an account, provide necessary information, and complete the application process.

App Features
The Amazon Flex App offers regular navigation features for managing shifts, viewing earnings, and updating personal information. It also provides in-navigation features for route directions and package scanning.

Support and Feedback
The app includes a Help section with frequently asked questions and a Contact Us page for addressing issues. Drivers can also provide feedback to Amazon Flex if they have suggestions or concerns about the service.

What do you know about the Amazon Flex App?

The Amazon Flex App is used by drivers and an application for Android and iPhone devices to choose blocks and handle all activities related to delivering packages such as updating personal information, knowing earnings, and so on.

This App is the base to process all information related to picking and delivering packages for Amazon Flex drivers.

What does the Amazon Flex App look like?

how Amazon Flex App looks
Amazon Flex App Source:

How You Can Download and Install the Amazon Flex App

Now, If you are or want to be a driver, you just need to know that the Amazon Flex App is not downloadable on every kind of device or Android phone.

So, what devices facilitate this app to download and install:

iOS Devices 

On having Apple smartphones, Amazon Flex can only be downloaded If your device operates on iOS 11.0, or newly launched models. 

But, when I peeked at the App Store listing, I found that this version has increased to iOS 13.0, so you should get this one.

Further, In the matter of iPhone, iPhone 6s and newly launched versions are capable of downloading such apps.

Android Devices 

Amazon Flex app runs on very specific Android phones that have some kind of features and advantages such as:

  • Amazon Flex drivers must have Android 6.0 or a newly launched model.
  • Android phone’s RAM must be at least 2GB or above.
  • The driver’s device must have a flash with a camera.
  • For location updates, having a GPS location feature is more than necessary.

If you made sure all above requirements I mentioned, you can download this app on your chosen Android device, but it’s not that simple like downloading on Google Play Store:

Here’s the process to download and install:

  • There will be a list of apps to download, Tap on the link to start downloading an app out of two options one for tracking Amazon packages and while other for delivering packages.
  • Since you’re downloading the app outside of the Google Play Store, you’ll have to allow Unknown Source after clicking the link.
  • After the Amazon Flex App is completely downloaded, install it on your device or smartphone.

Oppo Devices

These devices have different operating systems, which is why they require different processes to download the Amazon Flex App:

  • Download the app from the above process.
  • Head over to your > setting menu > battery
  • On the battery option, you’ll find Amazon Flex App.
  • Disable an option you’ll see “freeze when in the background”.
  • Similarly, disable an option again that looks “optimize when an abnormality is detected”.

Xiaomi Redmi Devices

  • Head over to Settings> Security 
  • Allow the “Unknown Source” option.
  • Head to your File Manager menu, to find the Amazon Flex app.
  • Once you find it, click and download it.

So, If you have downloaded and installed Amazon Flex App, let’s create an account or sign up 

How To Sign Up as An Amazon Flex Driver

Amazon Flex App is a crucial aspect of being a driver for this platform, from exploring potential shifts or blocks to getting updates on your progress and receiving money via direct deposit, It all happens on this app.

If you are ready to sign up, I assume you have met Amazon Flex requirements.

Further, explore the Create an Account option on the Flex app, usually, it’s in the below section.

Afterward, fill up all asking information such as name, password, email ID, etc. 

Once you complete that, log in and allow permission to use its all features. 

Then click on the Get Started tap to answer your details, such as location information, model or name of your vehicle, and so on.

If you proceed above step, you’ll need to provide some additional documents including your bank account, social security number, driver’s license, tax details, etc.

Once you have completed all things to apply for Amazon Flex driver, you’ll start delivering packages If available, otherwise, you’ll be added to the waiting list to wait until your turn comes.

And the best part is 

How To Use Amazon Flex App

Only creating an account on Amazon Flex App is not enough to get started working, unless you know how to use it.

Below is the breakdown of this app users that drives must be familiar with:

How You Can Schedule Delivery Blocks On Amazon Flex App 

After you are accepted and passed away from the background check process, you’ll need to know how you can schedule a block on this app.

Each block or shift lasts from two to six hours long, meaning within this duration drivers must have to deliver packages from the warehouse to customers’s doorstep.

If you want there’s a perk to reserve blocks in advance, If you have other works to accomplish.

Now, you can schedule delivery blocks on the Amazon Flex app by tapping the Offers option, further select a block you prefer to work by swiping up.

During the selection of blocks, you can explore delivery time frame, estimated earnings, location, etc.

Once you choose a block, you can see it again on the app’s calendar part.

In case you don’t want to work for that block, it can be canceled within 45 minutes of accepting it. To cancel the block tap on the Forfeit shift button.

Otherwise, If you cancel it after the time is over, your account can be deactivated by the platform.

How To Complete Deliveries on the Amazon Flex App

Once you pick a block that is ready to start working, you’ll find where to go on the Flex app with the help of its navigation feature. 

The first place to go is called Wearhouse, or delivery station, once you arrive there, click on the I’ve Arrived button.

After that, a worker at the delivery station will come and examine your arrival code, and you’ll get the packages to scan and load on your preferred vehicle.

Now, after loading all products required to deliver, your Amazon Flex App will assist you with where to go by showing the delivery route.

Its navigation feature will guide you with the exact route to deliver products.

When you reach the first doorstep, you must scan and select the packages with the place you’ll hand them over to.

Further, If there’s no one available, you must have a clip of the products on your smartphone, otherwise, If there’s anyone available except the customer, you must have their signature on them.

What Are Amazon Flex App’s Features

This app has two kinds of features, including regular navigation and In navigation feature, In which In navigation is used for delivering packages.

Regular Navigation Features 

This feature is for regular purposes. 

The appearance of this menu looks the same on any device you have.

Here’s the breakdown of this menu:


This is the place where you arrive first after signing up, this is the main tab of Amazon Flex’s regular navigation to view blocks that are scheduled and some future blocks by swiping up. 


This button allows Amazon Flex drivers to view Whether open schedules are available or not. 

In this section, a day with grayed out means unavailable blocks or scheduled blocks, conversely, Orange dotted days means available blocks.

On clicking the orange dot, you’ll see the details of scheduled blocks you have for a day, additionally, you’ll notice a Forfeit Block button. 

When you don’t want to work for a block, you can cancel it by clicking the Forfeit Block within 45 minutes after being accepted.


This section shows available on-demand and reserve blocks for yourself. 

These blocks are available in different categories such as Prime Now, Amazon Restaurants, Amazon Fresh, and more. 

Fortunately, If you have blocks available in your location, you’ll get push notifications.

If you want to accept a block, tap on it and accept it again.

When it comes to finishing blocks people get confused and make mistakes.

They tap the accepting button instead of the refreshing button which leads them to schedule a block that they don’t want to. Hence choose a button wisely after finishing a block.


This is exactly what you think. It’s a section where you can find how many blocks are completed and the earnings due to these blocks.

The information on withdrawals is also shown in the same section.

Your earnings will be deposited via direct deposit in your bank account on the preferred weekdays you choose.

If you encounter any issues regarding payments, you can report this problem by providing the email address you use to log in.


The account option shows all the information about your account including email ID, location information, bank details, tax information, phone number, etc.

Further, you’ll find a Check for Updates option to ensure you have the updated version of the app.

If you explore this section, you’ll find a sign-out button at the downside.

So, When you want to update the app, you’ll have to sign in and sign out to have newly updated features.

Occasionally, If your app doesn’t run normally as often, you can repeat the sign-in and out process.


If you forget something you have learned during the signing-up process, this section is for you.

You can always review any video you want to watch to learn everything from scratch.


This is for the sake of helping drivers If face any kind of trouble working. 

If you click on it, you’ll get a set of questions or FAQs related to your job. 

Further, on moving to the bottom, you’ll find a Contact Us page. This is used when you have an issue that doesn’t match with the given questions.

So, use your main email to send your quotation.


The feedback option is a way to let Amazon Flex know about your thoughts on its services and the job you work for. 

If you think this platform should change or add something to their features and program, they will appreciate it If you send them feedback.

In the future, they may consider your suggestions If they need them.

In-Navigation Features

When you begin the delivery block, the app will open its navigation feature. 

You won’t have to separately operate this feature, since your device is integrated with GPS, it’ll automatically examine the area you’ll go to deliver packages.

Since its navigation feature is included in the app, doesn’t mean you have to use exactly it when you don’t want to.

If you prefer using external applications, you can use but remember, it’s going to be time-consuming as it’ll require you to provide the exact address to deliver packages.

This is the reason, the majority of drivers choose the given navigation feature.

Further, you’ll see an option on the upper right nook of the platform, This option allows you to contact customers, and call support, If you can’t deliver, you can denote undelivered, or If want to return, denote return items.

When you utilize the undelivered or return option, you’ll have to explain the exact reason.

Current Stop

The Current Stop option provides the upcoming address to deliver packages, it has all it takes to completely handle products over to the asking location.

It shows the time frame between the location and the warehouse, There will be various routes to take but the platform will guide you through the fastest way.

After following the right path, when you reach the required place, you’ll be notified at the bottom of the screen appearing You Have Arrived.

If you tap on this option, you’ll get the information regarding the customer explaining what to do and what not to do.

After that, Start scanning packages and mark them delivered.

Today’s Itinerary

As it suggests, this option provides all the routes with given addresses you’ll follow to deliver packages, If there are many deliveries in the same routes you’ll also be notified.

Further, you’ll find the deliveries on a map and these deliveries are arranged in the form of pins.

If you have mistakenly handed packages to the wrong destination, you can detect that mistake.

In case you have more packages that need to be delivered than the app, you may have missed some packages to scan along the way or other issues that you need to detect.

Pick Up

This option on the Amazon Flex app lets drivers scan the packages while delivering them.

The pick up feature is easier than it seems.

If you scan a package and may show it belongs to another Flex driver, you’ll need to call Flex support or report to the warehouse where you have taken that package.

On the other hand, If your app resists the process of scanning packages, you can restart the app after cleaning the cache.

How To Sign Out Of Amazon Flex App

An Account option is given in the Amazon Flex app’s navigation.

Where you can find and press the sign out option at the bottom section.

How To Uninstall Amazon Flex App

For iOS devices,

To unstall Amazon Flex App head to your device’s Setting option.

Find General option and search for the iPhone Storage option.

Further, find the Amazon Flex App, click on it and press Delete App button.

For Android devices, head to Setting option and find app button.

After tapping on it, Find Amazon Flex App, and press Uninstall button.

Uninstall on iOS

How To Mute Amazon Flex App

Open your smartphone Setting, find App or Application section, press on it and search the Amazon Flex App.

Click on it, find permission section where you’ve give all permissions to this app to assess and eventually disable the notification permission.

How To Change Location On The Amazon Flex App 

To change region or location on the Amazon Flex App, Open the App, head to The Menu Section, Tap on The Help option > Contact Us > Find Account Management option > Tap to Change the Delivery Area.

How To Scan Packages On The Amazon Flex App 

When you’ve loaded all the packages to deliver and start using the app’s navigation feature to find the fastest route to follow, you’ll tap on the Start Travel icon at the bottom of the App.

After you come to the delivery location, you’ll see a You Have Arrived option on the app. When you tap on it, you’ll get information related to packages, and then click on Scan Packages.

Once you scan the packages, you’ll press the Submit option and let Amazon Flex confirm it.

Is there any Amazon Flex app hack?

FAQs On Amazon Flex App

Is the Amazon Flex app safe to download?

Yes, Amazon Flex App is safe to download.

What to do if the Amazon Flex app can’t download?

To fix the can’t download error, you need to correct the phone’s permission and allow Unknown Source on your device.

Can drivers see what they’re delivering before accepting blocks on Amazon Flex App?

No, drivers can’t see exactly what they’re delivering.

Where to view earnings on Amazon Flex App?

You can view earnings in the Earing section of the Amazon Flex App.

Can drivers update personal information on Amazon Flex App? 

Yes, drivers can update personal information in the Account section of the Amazon Flex app.

The Bottom Line 

Overall, Amazon Flex App is easy to navigate and completes all the activities required for delivering packages.

Furthermore, If you face any problem regarding the app’s performance, Amazon Flex’s support is always open for your help.

If you compare flex drivers’ earnings with other drivers in different services, you’ll find you can get a decent income just by working part-time.

So, I hope you liked this guide about Amazon Flex App, If you want to ask something or share your thoughts never shy from commenting below.

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