Amazon Flex Requirements: Things To Know Before You Work On Amazon Flex

I know that you want to generate a source of income, If you find an Amazon Flex job that requires drivers to deliver packages, you want to know what’s the Amazon Flex Requirements.

If that’s the case, you came across at right place, because I am exactly going to walk you through its requirements, driving experience requirements, background check requirements, insurance requirements, vehicle requirements, uniform requirements, and more.

If you fail to peek at such pieces of information, Amazon Flex can reject you along the way.

So, without any further late, let’s get started 

Main Observations

Requirements Ensure Quality Service
Amazon Flex has specific requirements to maintain the quality and reliability of its delivery service.

Age and License Requirements
To work for Amazon Flex, drivers must be at least 21 years old and possess a valid driver’s license from the state in which they intend to work. Driving experience is not compulsory.

Background Check
Amazon Flex conducts a background check to screen out drivers with criminal records or past violations. The duration of this check can vary based on an applicant’s records but typically takes 2 to 5 days.

Drivers need to have auto insurance, and if they use their vehicles for Amazon Flex deliveries, they require commercial auto insurance. Amazon Flex provides commercial auto insurance, except in New York.

Vehicle Requirements
The type of vehicle needed depends on the delivery type chosen. Vans, sedans, trucks, or minivans are required for most Amazon Flex deliveries, while smaller vehicles can be used for Amazon Fresh and Prime Now packages. Motorcycles and scooters are not acceptable.

What You Require to Work for Amazon Flex?

If you think that Amazon Flex will accept anyone to work as a driver. You’re wrong.

Amazon Flex has different rules and regulations to deliver good services This platform chooses people who are capable of working, reliable, and won’t cheat anyone which affects Amazon Flex’s reputation.

With that in mind, everyone who wants to work as an Amazon Flex driver has to familiarize himself with its requirements.

The first thing you should make sure of is, check if Amazon Flex is available in your location or not.

But, If it’s not in your city, download the Flex App where you may get notified If they’ll come in the future.

What’s The Importance Of Amazon Flex Requirements?

As you know, Amazon Flex is part of the World’s biggest e-commerce platform (Amazon), it’s well known for punctuality delivery, quality products, and big facilities.

If Amazon Flex fails to deliver packages in the required time frame, drivers don’t show quality work, or support poor user experience, it would be bad for Amazon as well as Flex delivery service.

So, that’s why to sustain good delivery service, the Amazon Flex App has created a requirement that ensures hiring trusted individuals.

This requirement not only benefits the platform but also helps you in some aspects to flapper what things you should know and carry with you.

All Amazon Flex Requirements That Drivers Must Know 

I have explained each requirement in different subheadings that you can get below:

Amazon Flex Requirements In a Look 

  • Drivers must be 21 years old or older.
  • Drivers must be passed through the background check process.
  • Drivers must possess a valid social security number.
  • A valid driving license from the state where drivers want to apply.
  • A smartphone with an internet connection, of 7.0 version or more. iPhone 6s, iOS 14 or more.
  • Driver’s vehicle must be qualified for Amazon Flex.

Is Driving Experience Important for Amazon Flex?

No, driving experience is not compulsory for Amazon Flex drivers.

Once you have your valid driving license you can drive, further, there’s no test for drivers that you may worry about. 

So, it doesn’t mean that anyone can drive, the person who drives should be capable of delivering packages from one place to another, and that simple work doesn’t require having experience in driving.

Amazon Flex Age and License Requirements

Amazon Flex wants drivers to be at least 21 years old or older when they complete the registration process.

During this process, you must also have a valid driving license. 

Additionally, the license should belong to the state where you live.

Amazon Flex Background Check Requirements

The background check is a process of keeping criminals, offenders, and incredible people away from becoming flex drivers.

Firstly, they will inquire about your past records and If you made any violations, and then they’ll disclose your criminal records such as arson, motor vehicle theft, and more.

The main reason why this checking takes a long time is during investigation. If they find some records, Due to records verification, the waiting time gets longer.

How Long Will You Wait For The Background Check?

This checking process can take 2 to 5 days to complete. 

This duration can increase or decrease depending on your criminal records, such as clean records taking less time and having big records taking a longer time than often.

To be notified of when this background check is completed, open the Amazon Flex App, or wait to get alerts in the future from the same app.

Amazon Flex Driver Insurance Requirements

This is a kind of requirement that depends on which state you live in.

Being an owner of a vehicle is crucial in this job, that’s why having an auto insurance policy is an important factor in getting accepted. 

And since you use the vehicle for business purposes, commercial auto insurance is also required to protect your car as well as you.

To make an informed decision, you should prefer to confer with an experienced person or an insurance broker who will explain to you which things you require to have and which you do not.

Working on a flex delivery job brings some kind of possibilities to getting accidents or other potential losses, that’s why Amazon Flex will give you commercial auto insurance, you can get this perk regardless of which state you live in (excluding New York)

So, If you face any concerns regarding accidents along the way, this insurance will avoid all the costs.

In case you want to rent a vehicle, you should rent it with a commercial insurance, 

There may be some companies that offer rental vehicle services for delivery works as Amazon Flex, hence you can integrate with them If you are interested in renting.

Amazon Flex Driver Uniform Requirements

Amazon Flex doesn’t require you to have a specific type of uniform for delivering packages.

When you start working on this job, you’ll receive an Amazon Flex Vest for free from the warehouse. But it’s up to you whether you want to wear it or not. It’s not required to wear it every time you work.

If you want to protect yourself in different scenarios, you can wear comfortable clothes or shoes of your choice.

What Vehicles Require for Amazon Flex Drivers?

Amazon Flex App requires different vehicles in different delivery types that you prefer to choose.

For any order that goes from Amazon, you need a van, door sedan, truck, or minivan according to the size and amount of delivery packages.

If you choose a car with a double door, that wouldn’t work as it is a small size and Amazon doesn’t accept such vehicles.

In the matter of Amazon Fresh and Prime Now Packages, as the size of products needed to deliver is small, you can work on such delivery types If you have small vehicles.  

But remember, motorcycles, scooters, and similar vehicles are not acceptable.

Overall, the bigger the vehicle you use, the more money you’ll make as big-sized packages bring more money.

How To Get Started To Become An Amazon Flex Driver?

Below I have given the step-by-step process to become an Amazon Flex driver:

  • First of all, make sure you have what’s required to become a flex driver as I discussed earlier.
  • Prefer which delivery type you want to deliver, such as Prime Now requires Instant delivery, while Amazon Fresh and Restaurants require to deliver, food and groceries.
  • Ensure your vehicle meets the platform requirement.
  • Schedule your working hours which time you are capable of working and how long.

How much will you make as an Amazon Flex driver?

On working as an Amazon Flex Driver through the Flex app, you’ll make around $18 to $25 a schedule or hour.

How long, and fast you work can significantly affect your earning, your location or city can also determine your profits as well.

When you start working and choosing blocks, each block you’ll get to choose is associated with the payment and time frame to hand packages to the customers.


Will Amazon Flex pay for gas?

No, Amazon Flex doesn’t pay for gas or fuel. Since you work as an independent driver, this is your responsibility.

Can Amazon Flex driver work at night?

Yes, Amazon Flex drivers can work at night, which is also called night shift.

How early you can get blocks?

The blocks at 3:30 a.m. are called the earliest blocks.

Do drivers work every day for Amazon Flex?

Yes, you can work until blocks are available.

How many hours you’ll work a week at Amazon Flex?

You’ll work 40 hours a week at Amazon Flex.

Can you be 5 minutes late for Amazon Flex?

If drivers get a minute late, they can’t get their routes.

Final Thoughts 

Now, I hope you know what’s required to become an Amazon Flex driver.

Put simply, Amazon Flex has minimum requirements that are achievable for many, but the main point is, its background check, If you don’t have any criminal records in the past you’ll get approved faster than having records.

Lastly, I want to know If you are eligible to become a driver. If you think I should include something in this article, never hesitate to comment below.

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