How Does Amazon Flex Schedule Work: Benefits, How To Set And More

Do you know actually how the Amazon Flex Schedule or shift works?

If not, therefore I am going to walk you through its benefits, how it works, how to get, set, cancel, change, and so on.

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Key Points

Amazon Flex Scheduling Benefits
Amazon Flex allows drivers to choose their delivery shifts, which offers flexible work hours, sequential hourly pay, and even the opportunity to earn extra by working over 40 hours.

Amazon Flex Schedule Working
Amazon Flex enables part-time work where drivers can select shifts that fit their availability. They receive notifications of available shifts on their preferred devices.

Setting Up Flex Schedules
To become an Amazon Flex driver, you need to apply through the Amazon Flex website. After passing a background check, you can start scheduling your shifts. The Amazon Flex app allows you to set your availability, and you’ll receive shift notifications based on your preferences.

Preferred Scheduling
Drivers can reach Level 2 rewards and gain access to Preferred Scheduling, a feature that can let you choose specific days, times, and delivery stations to work.

Shift Duration and Limits
Amazon Flex shifts typically last between 3 to 6 hours, but they can vary based on package types and delivery requirements. There’s a limit to not working more than 8 hours per day and not exceeding 40 hours per week.

What Do You Know About Amazon Flex Scheduling?

Amazon Flex Scheduling is a program that lets Amazon Flex drivers choose their own delivery shifts or blocks, to pick up packages from delivery stations and deliver them within the fixed scheduling time.

Amazon Flex Schedule or Shift Benefits

Amazon Flex schedule has many benefits that a usual employee gets on a job such as sequential hourly pay, pay for working more than 40 hours, saving perks for retirement, assistance, discounts, and unique scheduling choices (at night, on day offs, early at the morning).

How Does The Amazon Flex Shift or Schedule Work?

Similar to other gig delivery job such as DoorDash, Uber Eats, or Instacart, on working with Amazon Flex part-time, you’ll decide when to get shifts that makes it convenient for you to have an additional source of income by side.

For someone who is an employee, household, or student, this flexible work opportunity can be a lot beneficial in many aspects.

The Amazon Flex schedule works as you’ll get notifications on any updates about shifts directly in your preferred device such as a smartphone or iPhone etc.

Each shift will have a warehouse location to pick up packages, After you get there, you’ll scan them on your Flex app and deliver them to the customers’ doorsteps.

Further, after delivering all the packages, you’ll get notified by Amazon that the given shift is completed on that day.

On the other hand, there are different kinds of drivers when it comes to working on schedule. 

For instance, If a driver works a 4-hour shift a day, someone will work a 4-hour shift a week or work a 4-hour shift a day for each week or vice versa.

Put simply, Amazon wants you to choose the availability of when and how long you want to work.

To apply for working on Amazon Flex, you’ll first need to head to “Amazon Flex Delivery Driver“, to know eligibility and provide information regarding registration.

Once you complete the above process, after passing through a background check, you’ll start getting notifications of shifts to deliver products.

How Drivers Get Flexible Shifts on Amazon Flex?

First of all, drivers will form a new Flex account, after that, they’ll tap on the Apply Now option on the Amazon Flex website. 

Then, they’ll provide personal information and availability time for delivery works.

After submitting the application, it’ll be reviewed face and then after going through the Interview process, you’ll start scheduling your shifts.

While finding the shifts, you’ll decide the day to work when shifts are available. 

How To Set Amazon Flex Schedule Availability On The App 

To set Schedule Availablity, open your Amazon Flex app, head to the Calendar section, and set the availability you want.

Calendar section On Amazon Flex App's Menu

set up Amazon Flex Schedule availability
set up Amazon Flex Schedule availability Source:

Moreover, there are different scenarios for working on Amazon Flex, as in case you are getting late, what you can do?

How To Cancel Amazon Flex Schedule

To cancel your Amazon Flex schedule or shift, open your Flex app, head over to the Calendar section, click on the day of your schedule, tap on the Forfeit button, and then swipe to it.

The point to be noted here is, that you must cancel the shift before 45 minutes of the beginning of your schedule.

If you cancel after being late, your job can be in trouble.

What is Preferred Scheduling on Amazon Flex Delivery Job?

Preferred Scheduling is a perk on the Amazon Flex app that allows drivers to choose which day of week, time of day, and delivery station they want to work.

This is the best feature that you can get on being in level 2 rewards for having the most command on the schedule.

How To Change Amazon Flex Schedule

To change the schedule, fire up your Amazon Flex App, head over to the Menu section, tap on the Preferred Scheduling option, and then change your schedule, as you can choose 3 preferred days and 3 delivery stations to work.

After setting up what you want, you’ll see offers appear in the Offers section that meet your preferences.

How Long Do Amazon Flex Shifts Last or Is it a Part Time Job?

Amazon Flex shifts last from 3 hours to 6 hours and are likely to be like part time jobs. However, they can also be reduced to 2 hours or increased to 8 hours.

The shift time duration is directly influenced by which types of packages you want to deliver, as some require faster delivery service than others or vice versa. 

Additionally, to deliver packages faster or when needed, you should always examine your Amazon Flex App for the station, and location to be punctual in working. 

Getting your hands on recently updated information through the app will make you aware of new features and advantages to use.

Let’s throw a little more light 

How Many Amazon Flex Shifts Can You Do in a Day?

You can do any number of Amazon Flex shifts that you want in a day. 

There’s no mess on the doing many shifts daily, however, Amazon Flex has a rule for not letting to deliver more than 8 hours a day.

As a result, you can take 2-hour shifts in the morning, 2-hour shifts in the afternoon, and eventually, 3-hour shifts in the evening in order to not exceed the 8-hour limit.

How Many Amazon Flex Shifts Can You Do In A Week

You can do as many Amazon flex shifts as you choose to not work more than 40 hours a week.

This is never happened with any flex drivers to deliver more than 40 hours weekly that’s why it’s called a part-time job.


Can Getting Amazon Flex Shifts to be Hard?

It can be hard if there’s too much competition in your location for delivering packages. Otherwise, If you are in where there are not a lot of drivers, it can be easy to get shifts.

What is Amazon Flexible Shifts 19h Meaning?

Amazon Flexible Shifts allow part-time work with favorable hours, typically involving 19-hour work.

What’s the Amazon Flex Shift Minimum Hours?

Amazon Flex Shift Minimum Hours is 4 hours a week.

What are the Amazon Warehouse day shift hours?

Amazon warehouse day shift starts from 6:00 A.M. to 8:00 A.M. morning and ends from 5:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. evening.

Wrapping Up 

Overall, Amazon Flex is known for providing flexible delivery works that not only make you decent money but also let you complete other work or responsibilities in life.

In addition, Preferred Scheduling is Icing on the cake, where you can change or set up your preferred delivery station, days, and time of the week to work.

So, I hope you preferred the article you’ve finished.🤗🤗

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