Amazon Flex Sub Same Day: How You Can Use It

You probably heard or saw a new name on Amazon delivery service which is the Amazon Flex Sub Same Day. That door of opportunity is only open for the prime members to get started delivering packages for Amazon Flex.

If you have come to this guide, you are at the right place as I am going to explore this recent service, how to get started If you are interested in this work, and the important requirements to follow.

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Quick Takeaways

New Amazon Prime Delivery
Amazon Flex Sub Same Day offers Prime members a unique opportunity to deliver packages for $15.5 per delivery.

Becoming a Driver
To join, meet requirements like age, clean record, vehicle, smartphone, and storage space. Complete a signup process involving documentation.

Strict Delivery Deadlines
Sub Same Day enforces delivery deadlines, ensuring prompt drop-offs within about 2 hours after picking up packages.

What is Amazon Flex Sub Same Day?

Amazon Flex Sub Same Day is a kind of delivery service where prime members can apply to become a flex driver and work on same day scheduling. 

Sub Same Day is a recent program launched by Amazon, which is different from traditional delivery gigs.

If you work as a driver on this job, instead of how many packages you deliver, you’ll get paid based on the number of deliveries you complete. In other words, $15.5 per delivery. 

Additionally, you’ll also receive 100% of the tips If the customers are happy with your delivery work.

If you are eager to taste the Amazon Flex Sub Same Day opportunity, you won’t miss this next part 

How to Become The Amazon Flex Driver Or Delivery Associate

The reason you first need to become an Amazon Flex Delivery Associate is that this is how drivers can work with Amazon Flex Sub Same Day. 

There’s no other way to be accepted for such an opportunity besides it.

Here are the requirements you must meet to become a flex delivery associate:

  • You must be at least 21 years old or older.
  • Have a clean driving history and criminal records for background inquiry.
  • Have a vehicle includes, car, truck, minivan, sedan, SUV, etc.
  • Have an Android smartphone or iPhone with internet access.
  • A spot where you can store the packages or products.

If you have the given requirements, you are ready to start working as a delivery associate by tapping on this site.

During the signup process, drivers need to complete some sort of things including, entering their name, phone number, home address, email ID, and more. 

To let them recruit authentic drivers, you’ll show them proof of your insurance coverage, driving license, and maybe more documents. After that, you’ll get notified If approved.

Once you complete the above process and become a delivery associate, you NOW need to jump below:

What Are The Requirements to Deliver for Amazon Flex Sub Same Day

I assume that you are a delivery associate with Amazon because it doesn’t let anyone use its feature to sell their products.

After you become the Amazon Flex delivery associate, there’s something else to follow to work for Sub Same Day.

I have explored a found some processes that you must follow to get the most out of this perk:

  • Firstly, Interested participants as you need to complete a quiz test on the Amazon Flex program, Amazon business, and its services.
  • Further, there’s a process to recruit authentic people called background checks where they analyze previous driving and criminal records.
  • Once you accomplish the above process, They’ll decide whether you’ll be selected or not. After you are selected, you can start delivering for Amazon Flex sub same day.

Amazon Flex Sub Same Day Deadline Rules 

Instead of a traditional job as an Amazon Flex Driver. When you start working at Flex Sub same day, there’s a deadline in place of blocks, where you’ll take delivery within the given duration. 

Otherwise, If you miss it, the program will take you out of your position and you’ll be the same person as before without Amazon Flex Sub Same Day.

On the other hand, After accepting a delivery, you’ll have around 2 hours to travel and complete deliveries. 

This work goes as you head to the place for accepting delivery, you’ll then pick up inside your vehicle and head to the Amazon hub.

After coming to the hub, you’ll be notified to end the trip. And then you’ll get about 15 minutes to reach the customer’s doorstep.

It’s Your Turn 

Sub Same Day is the new name of Amazon Delivery service, that’s why many companies and brands want to begin with it as soon as possible to enhance their reach and utilize this opportunity for themselves.

Eventually, That’s it for the Amazon Flex Sub Same Day. I hope the given explanation helped you ensure the process and requirements to use it.

If you have found this guide useful, Share your questions below If you still have.

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