Amazon Flex vs DoorDash: Pros And Cons, Similarities And Dissimilarities And More

Want to make a source of income by working part-time, you have heard somewhere about Amazon Flex and DoorDash, but are unable to decide which one to choose.

Well, that’s why I am about to give you a breakdown of Amazon Flex vs. DoorDash in 2023.

Now, Let’s start the journey

Quick Points 

Diverse Delivery
Amazon Flex focuses on retail and DoorDash on food delivery.

Flexibility vs. Predictability
Amazon Flex offers scheduled blocks while DoorDash provides on-demand freedom to deliver.

Payment Structures
Amazon Flex pays drivers based on scheduled delivery blocks while DoorDash drivers receive a base pay for each delivery

What is Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex is a delivery service that delivers packages ordered by Amazon customers. 

It also provides an opportunity for drivers to apply for Amazon Flex delivery partners and earn money working part-time as an independent driver.

Once you become a driver, you’ll deliver Logistics, Prime Now, Amazon Restaurants, and grocery delivery packages to the customers’ doorsteps.

What is DoorDash?

DoorDash is another delivery service similar to Amazon Flex, but drivers are required to pick up packages from local stores or food restaurants.

And hand them over to the customers’ location given on the DoorDash app.

How Amazon Flex and DoorDash Work

The business models of both platforms are similar, even so in this DoorDash and Amazon Flex reviews, there’s something different when it comes to how they work.

Let’s take a little bit dive

How Amazon Flex Works 

First of all, flex drivers find available blocks while considering estimated earnings and the block scheduling time given on the Amazon Flex app.

Further, they come to the delivery station and load all packages in their vehicles. And through the app’s navigation feature, you’ll be given the exact route to go through.

Once you arrive at the delivery location, you’ll ensure some instructions (If given), and hand over packages to the customers.

How DoorDash Works

In DoorDash you’ll decide whether you schedule or not.

Similar to Amazon Flex, you’ll begin delivering foods through the DoorDash App, as a dasher (driver).

Dashers come to the restaurants mentioned on the app, grab food, and begin handing them to the customers’ location.

In addition, dashers should have red cards and insulated delivery bags to store foods properly, which can vary based on the restaurant they grab food from.

Amazon Flex vs. DoorDash Comparison 

Both Amazon Flex and DoorDash have their own advantages and disadvantages that you’ll know further.

There may be some who like Amazon Flex’s perks while others may like DoorDash’s features, hence which one is better for you depends upon what you want to get from each of these platforms.

Hence, for now, let’s know how to compare them by different variations.

Where They Operate 

Amazon Flex is available in various cities however, some drivers have to wait sometimes for its availability in their locations as currently there are no any recruiting cities on the official website. (it’ll be available soon)

On the plus side, DoorDash operates in more than 7000 cities or you can say, drivers can work from every state of the U.S.A. 

🏆Who won:  DoorDash won as it has more available cities than Amazon Flex. But Amazon Flex is more global.

Shift or Schedule 

Flexibility on timing is with both delivery gigs, you’ll decide how long and when to deliver packages or food.

Amazon Flex’s blocks usually go from 3 to 6 hours long, in order to grab them, you’ll have to respond as quickly as possible. Otherwise, someone will schedule the block before you. 

That’s why flex drivers choose to use flex block grabbers or bots, but If you are found using it your account can be deactivated.

In the matter of DoorDash, you’ll have the advantage to work when you get spare time, by reserving extra scheduling or dash. 

During weekends and evenings, since the market gets active, you’ll get more work that can lead to extra bonuses. In addition to its features, you can decline any number of orders you want.

🏆Who won: DoorDash won, as there’s no mess to get blocks. It provides flexibility to deliver packages anytime.

What Are Requirements

Driving and vehicle requirements are the things that can help you define which one is better.

To be an Amazon Flex driver, drivers must be at least 21 years old, have a social security number (SSN) with a recognized driving license, and have an Android (6.0 or newer with flash camera, GPS, and 2GB RAM) or iPhone device to run the app. And insurance coverage of the state you are in.

Furthermore, depending on the package type you choose, you must have a 4 door midsize sedan. SUV, truck, or van for logistics packages.

On the other hand, DoorDash dashers have a bit more allowance than Amazon Flex as 18-year-olds are welcome to deliver food, with driving license number (DLN) and social security number (SSN).

Once you come from a background check, you can begin your work with insulated delivery bags.

Fortunately, For the sake of picking up and delivering food, there’s the freedom to prefer whatever vehicle you have with a valid driving license.

🏆Who won: Once again, DoorDash is easier to sign up for than Amazon Flex.

How Much They Pay

If you drive for Amazon Flex, you’ll get paid around $18 to $25 an hour. 

Luckily, When you schedule a block, you’ll see an estimated earning and the length of the block you choose on the app’s dashboard.

Usually, blocks can last up to 6 hours long, hence your earnings can double sometime. 

If you prefer to deliver Prime Now, and Amazon Restaurants packages, you’ll also deserve to get %100 of the tips, which will again raise your income.

On the other side, dashers on DoorDash have an average pay rate of $15 an hour with a perk to receive additional tips over earning too.

DoorDash delivery services sometimes surprisingly launch a competition where dashers work on weekends or competitive days. If you win here you’ll get an extra promotion on your work.

🏆Who won: Amazon Flex has higher paying rates than DoorDash If you don’t want to deliver food regularly.

Expenses Drivers have to pay 

Whether you drive for Amazon Flex or DoorDash, drivers are responsible for any expenses that happen along the way.

And one of the major causes that can burn your hard-earned money is paying for gas expenses. Both jobs require you to deliver packages through the vehicle you have.

What’s the solution?

Perhaps, Amazon Flex and DoorDash both have features to unload the spending worry.

Through the Amazon Flex Debit Card, if you make gas cost payments, you’ll get %6 cashback each time you use it.

Furthermore, DoorDash offers a fuel bonus program, where if you are eligible you can receive around $1.65 to $2.00 a gallon which can reduce the total gas cost.

🏆Who won: Both platforms have a way to decrease the expense. 

So, it’s up to you to decide which one is better.

Amazon Flex And DoorDash Pros and Cons

Another step to lay down which delivery gig is better through taking a sneak peek at their advantages and disadvantages:

Amazon Flex Pros 

  • Amazon Flex is a global program.
  • Drivers don’t need to have a food insulating bag.
  • Drivers have access to look at estimated earnings and the length of each block before delivery.

Amazon Flex Cons 

  • You must have a four-wheeler vehicle to pick up and load packages.
  • Can’t get blocks as quickly as you want.
  • Limited recruiting cities.

DoorDash Pros  

  • You can become a Dasher easier than other gigs.
  • Drivers can start working with small vehicles.
  • You can get promotions if you work during peak hours.

DoorDash Cons 

  • Have to pay to buy additional things such as insulating bags.
  • Foods are more prone to go wrong once fall than other packages.
  • Dashers earn less as compared to other delivery jobs.

You are one step closer to disclosing which one is better 

What Are Similar and Dissimilar with Amazon Flex and DoorDash


Both jobs have a common perk to get flexibility in overall working. Drivers can choose their own hours for working as long or as much as they want.

Moreover, Both platforms involve delivering goods to customers. 

Amazon Flex primarily focuses on Amazon Prime Now or other deliveries, while DoorDash specializes in food delivery from restaurants.

They also need a smartphone or iPhone to assess overall operations through apps. And every driver needs to go through a background check process.


Firstly, DoorDash doesn’t require any drivers to wear a uniform, while Amazon Flex drivers can decide whether to wear a flex vest or not.

Amazon Flex drivers can choose shifts called “blocks” in advance, offering more control over scheduling.

DoorDash drivers have more flexibility to log in and out whenever they want, allowing for an on-demand approach.

In the last run, DoorDash let younger drivers (18 years old) sign up for the delivery work than Amazon Flex drivers (21 years old).

Final Decision 

Both delivery gigs are flexible in terms of scheduling hours to work and can make you a decent income working part-time.

However, DoorDash is a lucrative way for someone ready to work regularly as long as they have spare time. It’s also easy to become a dasher on DoorDash since requirements are lower.

Even so, Amazon Flex can win If you want to work less and get paid more than the average income of delivery jobs. 

FAQs on Amazon Flex vs. DoorDash 

Does Amazon Flex pay more than DoorDash?

Yes, Amazon Flex pays an average of $18 an hour while DoorDash pays $15 an hour.

It’s Your Turn 

Now, that’s it all about Amazon Flex vs. DoorDash as I have compared them from many different angles.

So, which platform is better depends on your circumstances, such as if you prefer working with DoorDash whenever you have time to, but it’s not in your location. You may need to choose Amazon Flex because it has a global reach.

Eventually, lay down how and when you want to work and choose accordingly. 

Also, tell me about your choice and why you picked the one delivery gig from Amazon Flex and DoorDash, in the below section.

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