How To Compare The Amazon Flex vs GrubHub: Pros, Cons And More

Did you fail to compare Amazon Flex vs GrubHub simply and straightforwardly?

If yes, Give me a moment to break down each of their pros, cons, similarities, dissimilarities, and more.

You’ll also get a short verdict from me.

So, let this guide open your eyes and ears Now.

What is Grubhub?

Compare GrubHub for drivers
GrubHub drivers’ website

GrubHub is a delivery service that works in the food delivery market such as Customers order food on the GrubHub delivery app from their local restaurant and get the order at home without any movement.

If you want to work as a GrubHub driver, there’s an app called the GrubHub driver app, where eligible individuals apply before a driver without any extra costs.

What is Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex delivery service website

Amazon Flex is a delivery service that delivers packages ordered by Amazon customers. These packages include food and all products listed on

Drivers on this platform work as independent contractors, which leads them to flexibility in timing, working, and becoming their boss.

As GrubHub, flex drivers have the Amazon Flex App to complete all of their work from scheduling blocks, picking up packages, and delivering them to the place where needed that you’ll know further.

Now, let’s take a step towards them

How Amazon Flex and Grubhub Delivery Services Work 

How Grubhub Works

Firstly, Interested drivers look at the requirements they need to know before applying. 

Once they have all the important documents, they apply and complete the background check through the GrubHub app to let them analyze 7 years of driving and criminal records.

Further, there’s paperwork or driver application to fill out and the direct deposit set up on the GrubHub App to complete.

Similar to Uber Eats, this is a food delivery service that delivers from restaurants, you’ll get an insulated bag to keep the food fresh before handing it to the customers’ hand. And a Debit Card to pay for restaurant orders occasionally.

GrubHub drivers then head to the app and start scheduling blocks. 

You’ll drive to the place where you want to accept orders. Once you arrive, you’ll switch your account to “Taking Offers“.

And tap on the “Accept” button, after you arrive inside the restaurant tap on “Arrive” and the “Got Order” button.

You’ll pick up orders, and deliver them to the customers. But In case the restaurant is not partnered with GrubHub, you’ll need to use the prepared Debit Card to pay (not your money).

How Amazon Flex Works 

As before, you’ll need to ensure that you have all important requirements before you apply. Once you know it, fire up Amazon Flex’s official website and tap on the Let’s Drive button.

Along the way, you’ll pass the background check that happens on almost all delivery gigs such as DoorDash, Instacart, Lyft, Roadie, etc.

If you have clean criminal records and driving history, you’ll cross the background check and start scheduling shifts or blocks.

In case your current city doesn’t have the delivery demand, you may be added to the waiting list to wait until the customer needs your delivery.

If there’s a demand for drivers in your location, you’ll head to the warehouse, receive a vest for safety, pick up packages, load them inside your vehicle, and deliver them to the required place.

This is where you and I start comparing them 

How To Compare Amazon Flex vs Grubhub 

Now, we are about to review Amazon Flex and GrubHub from different aspects including where they are available, schedule, what are requirements, and more.


GrubHub is open for drivers to apply from the United States and United Kingdom.

Currently, GrubHub drivers in the U.S. can deliver food to around 4,000 cities.

But, for the flex drivers, Amazon Flex operates in more than 100 cities in the U.S. It’s also available worldwide.

🏆 Winner: GrubHub has more reach in the U.S.


GrubHub lets drivers schedule blocks by reserving in advance. This is the best perk to not accept schedules that are already set.

Your location and market are the things that will influence the length of your block. If you want to reserve blocks you’ll need to respond before someone else because this goes on a first come, first served basis.

To get the step-by-step demonstration, watch the video given below 

On the other hand, Amazon Flex drivers need to accept blocks that are fixed within a given time frame. Flex blocks usually stay from 3 to 6 hours.

There’s the same scenario as before, drivers have to schedule the block before another driver does.

🏆 Winner: GrubHub drivers’ schedule is better than Amazon Flex.


In any delivery gig except UPS and DSP, drivers have to pass the background check process, which is a traditional requirement.

Besides, To become a GrubHub driver, you must be 19 years old (In Chicago and Las Vegas, 21 years old), with a car or bike (depending on the location). 

A valid driving license and car insurance, state ID If you have a bike, an account to take direct deposit, iOS Or Android of the newly launched version.

On the other side, Amazon Flex requires drivers to be 21 years old, have a valid driving license, insurance coverage, social security number (SSN), and a newly launched Android or iOS device.

For the sake of delivery, flex drivers must have an SUV, Sedan, Truck, or Van depending on the packages you choose.

🏆 Winner: Since Cars and bikes are allowed in GrubHub, it’s the winner.

Earning or Salary 

GrubHub drivers make around $7 to $22 an hour, with additional tips not more than $5

The amount of money you’ll make depends on the location you deliver and which time of the day you choose, such as If you work on weekends, dinner, or lunchtime, you can reach or cross the $22 an hour earning.

Further, Amazon Flex drivers make around $18 to $25 an hour with opportunities to get extra tips if deliver packages like Amazon Prime or Prime Now, or Amazon Restaurants.

For flex drivers, To make $25 an hour or even more, drivers should work on weekends or times when the customers become eager to shop online.

🏆 Winner: As you took a flash on their earnings, Amazon Flex pays more than the other delivery gigs.

Related Expenses 

As you and I know, Both platform’s drivers work as independent contractors. And the responsibility that comes with this freedom is job-related expenses.

GrubHub and Amazon Flex both drivers pay for their gas, repair, maintenance, and oil change-related expenses. 

But the thing is, GrubHub drivers can carry cars or bikes that evidently consume less fuel and repair costs. But flex drivers can’t.

🏆 Winner: GrubHub drivers have less expenses than Amazon Flex.

Now, At this point, there’s some sour, that you should know 

What Are Amazon Flex And Grubhub Pros and Cons 

Grubhub Pros

  • There are no any pre-defined blocks. you can choose any time to work.
  • Car and Bike are allowed to deliver food.
  • You can Cash Out instantly.

GrubHub Cons

  • Driver’s earnings can vary by hours.
  • Have to interact with customers and apologize if they’re not satisfied.
  • Food requires more safety and punctuality than other packages.

Amazon Flex Pros

  • Amazon Flex pays more than the average income of similar jobs.
  • Amazon Flex opens up opportunities to deliver various kinds of packages.
  • Flex drivers can apply from all around the world.

Amazon Flex Cons

  • Beginner drivers who want to apply must have a big and specific vehicle that’s not feasible for everyone.
  • Below 21-year-old drivers can’t apply.
  • Drivers can’t reserve blocks at the beginning.

You are one step closer to the end 

What Are Similar and Dissimilar with Amazon Flex and Grubhub Delivery Services 


Food delivery is a common service in both platforms, as Amazon Restaurants packages come in Amazon Flex, which are food.

Background checks, insurance, vehicles, and Android or iOS devices are required for both delivery drivers to work as independent contractors.

The term “block” is used during scheduling their shifts on both platforms. A debit card is a thing that both drivers get for personal and job-related uses.


The major difference between both delivery services is, that GrubHub specifically focuses on delivering food, while flex drivers have many options to choose from.

GrubHub drivers can decide how long to deliver food, but flex drivers get the fixed blocks to schedule.

The bike can be a convenient option for any driver that’s allowed in GrubHub.

Occasionally, Grabhub drivers have to use a Debit Card to pay for orders if the restaurant is not partnered with it.

Final Verdict 

As you may be thinking, GrubHub is better than Amazon Flex in my sight.

In addition, it won more than Amazon Flex, I think, Working with a car or bike while getting decent income is the best combination that cannot happen in other delivery platforms.

Additionally, GrubHub drivers have access in all states of the U.S., more than Amazon Flex.


Which pays more Amazon Flex or Grabhub?

Amazon Flex pays more than Grabhub.

It’s Your Turn  

Now, this is it for the Amazon Flex vs GrubHub comparison.

I have tried to balance both platforms from as many different angles as I can.

And the point is, whatever I say to you, you’re not forced to follow my opinion, It’s your freedom to choose which one is good for your circumstances and needs.

However, Making any decision after looking around all the aspects that are important will definitely be worth your time.

Now, Which is better for you?

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