Amazon Flex vs Walmart Spark: Which One Is Worth Your Time?

Is it frustrating for you to decide which one of them is better than the other?

If so, this is a guide in 2023, where I am about to compare Amazon Flex vs Walmart Spark in different words and ways.

Further, you’ll know their pros, cons, similarities, dissimilarities, earnings, requirements, and more stuff.

And at the end, you’ll find my straightforward answer to this question.

So, let’s tackle them 

Key Points 

Availability and Location
Walmart Spark is available in over 3650 cities across all 50 states in the United States. In contrast, Amazon Flex operates in over 100 cities in the United States and worldwide. This means Walmart Spark has a broader domestic reach.

Scheduling and Hours
Amazon Flex drivers have set shifts of 3 to 6 hours, and their hours depend on demand. Walmart Spark drivers set their own schedules, and work longer hours (up to 8 hours a day or 40-45 hours a week).

Earnings and Expenses
Amazon Flex usually pays more per hour than Walmart Spark for drivers. But, with both services, drivers have to pay for things like gas, car upkeep, and repairs. They both have rewards programs to help drivers with these costs, but the rewards are different.

What Do You Know About Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex is a service that delivers various kinds of packages including Prime Now, Amazon Restaurants, Amazon logistics instant offers, etc.

These packages are delivered by independent contractors or drivers through their own vehicles. 

In this delivery work, all drivers are responsible for every expense that comes while delivering packages, such as Gas, oil changes, Vehicle repair, and more.

But, there are some perks that you can use to reduce such costs that you’ll know further.

What Do You Know About Walmart Spark?

Walmart Spark is also a delivery service that delivers packages ordered by customers on the Walmart App.

This company delivers many kinds of packages from food to groceries. These are categorized into four delivery types, curbside orders, express deliveries, online orders, and shopping and delivery orders.

In curbside orders, you don’t need to drive, customers will get their packages at the Walmart parking lot, you just have to flock with the client at the loading area.

Further, orders in express deliveries are picked up by customers in their local Walmart stores.

And online orders are simple, when Walmart customers order online, the spark delivery driver comes to the store, picks up orders, and hands them over to the customers’ doorsteps.

The last delivery type is shopping and delivery same as Shipt, meaning you will work as a Walmart shopper to shop for goods in a Walmart store and deliver them to the customers’ location.

How Amazon Flex and Walmart Spark Delivery Services Work 

Now, you know their basics, so let’s dive more into how they work.

How Amazon Flex Works 

From scratch, Drivers ensure the eligibility criteria of Amazon Flex drivers. And they apply by providing important documents, personal details, etc.

After that, drivers pass the background check process, which discloses their past 7 years’ records to prevent criminals from being a flex driver.

Once they pass through this process, they’re allowed to schedule a block and start delivering packages. 

But If there’s no demand or an excessive number of drivers, you’ll be added to the waiting list to wait until your turn.

Further, Amazon Flex drivers respond to a block on the Flex app, head to the warehouse or delivery station, grab packages, and deliver them through their vehicles to the customers’ end.

How Walmart Spark Works

Firstly, To become a spark driver, they ensure the requirements of what documents and personal details are required. 

They sign up and pass the background check requirement that is traditional in all delivery gigs, such as Amazon Flex or Doordash, Instacart. It’ll take about 2 to 7 days.

The background check is a way to let authentic people work with Walmart Spark and keep scammers and criminals off from this service.

If you have any questions or concerns about applying, you can contact Walmart Spark’s support email,

After you’ve done all the above processes, you can fire up the Walmart Spark App and start getting orders with the estimated earnings, time, and distance you’ll complete on it.

Let’s compare through some different aspects:

Amazon Flex vs Walmart Spark  Comparison Reviews

This is where we review Amazon Flex’s and Walmart Spark’s platform operations so that you can compare them in the right manner:


In the matter of where they are available, Amazon Flex operates in over 100 cities in the United States and worldwide including California, Florida, Texas, Hawaii, Alabama, New York, and more.

For Spark drivers, Walmart Spark is available in over 3650 cities from all 50 states in the U.S. 

🏆 Winner: Walmart Spark is the winner as it’s available in all states of America. While Amazon Flex is a global service.


On the Amazon Flex App, drivers schedule their shift or block and start completing deliveries within the given Time range.

These blocks or shifts take from 3 to 6 hours to complete delivery. Every driver of this platform has a perk to look at estimated earnings, time, and how long distance they’ll have to complete, on the app before they deliver.

On the other hand, Walmart Spark lets drivers make their own schedules on its app. 

Once you get notified about an order, you’ll accept it, arrive at the store, and then deliver it at the customer’s end and tap on the app when the delivery is completed.

Although there’s no mention of how long you can work, drivers on Reddit say that you can work up to 8 hours a day or 40 to 45 hours a week.

🏆 Winner: Walmart delivery drivers are allowed to work longer hours than Amazon Flex drivers.


In order to become an Amazon Flex driver, you need to be 21 years old or more. In documents, you must carry a valid driving license, flex insurance coverage, and social security number (SSN).

And to begin delivery work, you must have a smartphone (Android 6.0 or updated version, with a flash camera, 2GB RAM, and GPS) or an iPhone (6s or newer, iOS 13 or newer).

There are also requirements for vehicles, such as an SUV, a Sadan of 4 doors, or a van.

For the sake of Walmart Spark drivers, you must be 18 years old or older, have proof of auto insurance, a valid driving license, a U.S. domestic phone number, and any car that can be used to deliver products safely.

To access Walmart Spark App, A smartphone with camera, flash, and GPS perks (iOS, or Android 11 or updated version)

🏆 Winner: You can easily become a spark driver as the requirements are easy.

Earnings or Salaries 

Amazon Flex usually pays more If you compare it with Uber Eats, or Veho, as flex drivers earn from $18 to $25 an hour.

And if you get additional tips by delivering for Prime Now or Amazon Restaurants (competitive), you’ll boost your earnings.

Walmart Spark earning comparison with Amazon Flex
Walmart Spark earning Source:Indeed

Further, as a Walmart spark driver, you’ll earn $15 to $20 a delivery, or $17.60 an hour on average calculated by Indeed.

Additionally, If you provide quality work and show punctuality on your job, you’ll also receive %100 of the tips.

🏆 Winner: Amazon Flex drivers earn more than Spark.


One of the biggest truths that every delivery gig has is the responsibility to pay for expenses including gas, oil changes, parking fees, repair, vehicle maintenance, etc.

Both platforms require drivers to pay, but If you carry big vehicles, you’ll eventually have to pay more as compared to small vehicles such as cars.

Fortunately, both delivery jobs offer drivers to get the most out of their rewards program and reduce the additional expenses.

Such as the Amazon Flex rewards program, here as long as you get points each time you complete a block, you’ll get benefits such as discounts on gas, service, and parts purchase.

And once you cross level one, you’ll get a preferred scheduling feature at level second, to decide which time of the day and day of the week you want to drive and which delivery station you’ll pick up packages from.

In Walmart Spark delivery service, you’ll get benefits from its loyalty program once you hit certain milestones.

If you want to participate in this program, ensure Walmart’s terms and conditions.

Once you hit that achievement, you’ll get a month’s free membership of Walmart+, fuel discount, Spotify access, Paramount+ free access, and more.

🏆 Winner:  Walmart Spark has more features and fewer fuel expenses as cars are allowed in this delivery work.

What If both platforms have their cons

Amazon Flex And Walmart Spark Pros and Cons 

Amazon Flex and Walmart Spark, both have their advantages and disadvantages, the coming section will show you exactly which one is worth your time and effort or not.

Amazon Flex Pros

  • Amazon Flex pays more than all other delivery gigs.
  • Drivers from all around the world can apply on Amazon Flex.
  • Amazon Flex app shows estimated earnings and the time frame before you schedule a block.

Amazon Flex Cons

  • Limited availability in cities.
  • Vehicle and age requirements are not favorable for many ones.
  • Scheduling blocks may be competitive in your location.

Walmart Spark Pros

  • Easy Vehicle and age requirements.
  • Offers many benefits to drivers from its rewards program.
  • Available in more than 3650 cities in the United States.

Walmart Spark Cons

  • Walmart Spark is not available for global drivers to apply.
  • You should accept 7 orders out of 10, to maintain a 70% acceptance rate.
  • Drivers are paid less than other services.

But you still didn’t know their:

What Are Similar and Dissimilar with Amazon Flex and Walmart Spark  Shopper Delivery App


Both delivery gigs let you have flexibility in delivering packages. 

To keep criminals or offenders away from being a driver, both platforms require a background check process to complete.

When you pass the background check, you’ll need to download the Amazon Flex App or Walmart Spark App on your device to operate and start your job.

Both delivery services have various kinds of packages to deliver from groceries to food. 


In Walmart Spark, you can become a driver with any car that can safely deliver items. But Amazon Flex demands big and specific Vehicle models.

Moreover, 18-year-olds can apply on Walmart Spark, but Amazon Flex needs at least 21-year-old or older drivers.

Amazon Flex provides drivers with a Debit Card to transfer cash or pay for expenses and get many benefits, conversely, Walmart Spark drivers don’t have any cards.

Last Verdict 

After looking at their advantages, disadvantages, similarities, dissimilarities, and many aspects, I have found that Walmart Spark is better than Amazon Flex.

Not only Spark won more times, but It’s also convenient for drivers to apply and have a lot of perks in its rewards program.

Is Amazon Flex or Walmart Spark Worth Your Time?  

Now, whether Amazon Flex is worth your time or Walmart Spark. It’s up to you.

You may have such circumstances that I can’t address and consider, your lifestyle and likes can change the statement I have told above.

So, decide which one is a good fit for you, and make sure to remind me below why one platform is better for you than the other.

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