How To Apply For Amazon Flex

Do you want to apply for Amazon Flex or become an Amazon Flex driver?

If so, wait for a moment because I am going to tell you about Amazon Flex, its benefits, different jobs, all requirements and considerations before applying for Amazon Flex, the step-by-step process of how to apply, and more.

So many people have made tons of mistakes when applying without knowing what to do, hence If you’re not that kind of person, keep on with me.

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Key Highlights

Flexible Part-Time Work
Amazon Flex offers the flexibility to work part-time as an independent driver. You can choose when to work by scheduling blocks or shifts.

Limited Customer Interaction
Amazon Flex drivers have minimal interaction with customers, which makes it suitable for drivers or maybe you who prefer not to engage in conversations.

Earning Potential
Drivers can earn between $18 to $25 per hour or block. In addition to base earnings, drivers have the opportunity to receive tips from customers.

Amazon Flex Delivery Types
Amazon Flex offers various delivery types, including Amazon Logistics, Amazon Fresh, Amazon Prime Now, Amazon Restaurants, and Amazon Locker Delivery. Each type has specific requirements that you can choose the one that suits you best.

Application Process
To apply for Amazon Flex, you need to download and install the Amazon Flex app, provide necessary information about your driving history, vehicle, and location, submit required documents, and pass the background check process.

What Is Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex is a part of the world’s biggest e-commerce store Amazon.

When customers place orders in this store, Amazon Flex delivery service is used for delivering packages to the asking location.

For the sake of earning, you can work part-time for Amazon Flex as a driver. You’ll need to apply for it and once you are accepted, you can make a source of income in this job similar to Amazon Flex jobs.

Afterward, you’ll work as an independent driver, meaning packages will be delivered through your vehicle. 

On the plus side, you have the right to decide when to work by scheduling blocks or shifts, such as each block has its earnings and time frame for delivery.

What Benefits To Apply for Amazon Flex

When you peek at Amazon Flex’s benefits, you’ll eventually want to apply for Amazon Flex.

If you ask me about its biggest benefit out of all, I would say, the Amazon Flex driving job is known for flexibility in working.

Drivers can decide when to work and when not, which you can’t get in different gig opportunities.

Below I have given a breakdown of its benefits that you can know:

Flexibility On Working 

By being an Amazon Flex driver, unlike most jobs, you’ll have the freedom to decide how long to work and rest.

This advantage opens up doors for students, teachers, or professionals to work part-time and make a source of income.

Once you find some blocks in your location on the Amazon Flex App, you just need to complete them, such as Each block has a one to six hours time range to hand packages over to the customer’s doorstep.

Additionally, It has a feature where you can reserve blocks to have an extra plan.

Limited Interaction with Customers

This is awesome work If you are a bit shy about talking to people. If you do other kinds of delivery jobs similar to Amazon Flex, you might get this advantage.

You’ll just need to drive your vehicle most of the time, and then hand that package over to the customers’ doorsteps within minutes. 

In some cases, you can even go away after putting products on the doorstep without any interaction.

Earning Potential 

In an Amazon Flex driving job, you can earn from $18 to $25 an hour working part-time. 

Once you complete the delivery, Amazon Flex provides a choice for every driver to receive payments via direct deposit on the preferred weekdays.

Additionally, flex job offers a perk to get all tips over the earnings from customers that depend on the jobs you choose:

What Are Different Amazon Flex Jobs There?

Amazon Flex jobs vary based on the types of packages you choose to deliver.

Here’s a list of delivery jobs that require different kinds of products to be delivered from different outlets:

1. Amazon Logistics (AMZL)

It’s a work that requires regular delivery service, these kinds of packages have fallen into a category that customers often prefer to order online.

Amazon logistics requires big vehicles to deliver such as trucks because they come in big-sized packages.

The blocks drivers get on such jobs can last from 3 to 6 hours. If you want to work on logistics, you can pick up to 50 products If you have enough space in the vehicle.

If you aren’t comfortable interacting with customers, you can deliver these packages and leave them at the doorstep or somewhere that’s protected from theft.

2. Amazon Fresh

As it suggests, their packages are fresh and have different rules of protection as there are temperature-sensitive products.

Amazon Fresh’s main priority is customers’ satisfaction and delivering quality work. In other words, drivers will need to communicate with people which is not feasible for shy people.

But, If you are a little gabby, you’re going to enjoy this job a lot more than others. 

3. Amazon Prime Now 

The one thing that makes this delivery job different than the rest is it’s too fast about delivering packages.

Further, The customers who have access to the prime members can only order such products.

This job is also popular for getting tips that can make you extra money, hence it became a competitive option to choose because many drivers are already working.

If you wanna get started working in this flex job, you may need to deliver quickly within an hour.

4. Amazon Restaurants

This is a step for Amazon to move forward with food deliveries, You may know that this delivery driver needs to pick up food from restaurants and deliver it to the customer’s doorstep.

As it’s fresh recently cooked food,  drivers will have to make sure of handing food to the customers in person, you can’t leave them somewhere.

Drivers in such jobs need to work around the same location where they live.

In the matter of tips, you have the perk of delivering products within 2 hours and receiving tips over the main income.

5. Amazon locker delivery

This may be unheard of by many ears.

When a customer purchases on Amazon, there’s an option to choose an Amazon locker location to receive orders. 

This feature ensures strong security makes customers unworried about theifers and protects packages from being lost.

Now this is important 

What To Mind Before Applying For Amazon Flex Driver 

You should be careful about what to do before jumping on this job opportunity.

Here are some stitch to know 

1. You Work for Yourself 

In other words, you are an independent driver when it comes to driving for Amazon Flex.

It’s your responsibility to have a vehicle that can facilitate what kind of packages you deliver.

With that in mind, gas, repair, and insurance coverage are some expenses that you’ll have to pay, In addition, your income also will be taxed, therefore you should need to be aware of this.

2. You Are an Independent Driver 

This means, by being an Independent driver you’ll have to report your income to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) using a 1099 form.

It’s a specific tax form used in the United States to report various types of income that drives or individuals receive during the year. 

In similar fashion 

What Are Amazon Flex Requirements For Drivers?

So, you know what to do, let’s know the amazon flex requirements that every individual should have seen I want to become a flex driver.

Delivery Driver’s Requirements Overview 

  • Flex drivers must be at least 21 years or older for the application process.
  • Drivers must live in a location that possesses Amazon Flex delivery service.
  • Must have the capability to load packages in the vehicle and deliver them to the customer’s doorstep, further there’s no physical or practical test.
  • Driving experience can help in delivering products, but it’s not compulsory.
  • Having a car, truck, SUV, minivan, sedan, or other vehicles depending upon the types of products you deliver.
  • You’ll be dependent on the Amazon Flex app, hence having an Android smartphone or iPhone device with internet is more than important.

Eventually, these are the requirements you must make sure to be a part-time driver.

Moreover, there are some things you also must have to apply for Amazon Flex’s application process.

What Things Are Required to Apply for Amazon Flex

I have shown all possible requirements to consider, except the documents whose names are given below:

  • Must have a valid driving license that works in the United States.
  • Must have bank account details to apply for Amazon Flex.
  • Must have a social security number (SSN).
  • Having a vehicle with insurance.

These are documents that prove you are eligible for being a driver on Amazon Flex.

You don’t want to miss the below section at any cost.

How You Can Apply for Amazon Flex

Now, after enough fluff, this is the main section of this article to show how you can apply for an Amazon Flex driver job.

1. Download and Install the Amazon Flex App

First of all, download and install the Amazon Flex app on your preferred device, smartphone, or iPhone through Google Play or Apple Store.

On the other hand, you can also download the same app on Amazon Flex’s website at its download page.

Once you download and install, sign up, or log in on it, after having a username and password, you can log in to the same account for the next application process.

2. Grant Entrance 

After the previous step, the app will ask for location (GPS), phone state and 

camera permission.

To use the Flex app’s features and start working on this platform, you’ll need to allow all permissions.

3. Click Get Started button

Further, click on the Get Started button to begin answering some questions, such as driving history, education, vehicle’s model or type, and your location’s information.

4. Finish Application Process 

Lastly, it’s time to provide the required documents, tax, and payment information. 

After completion of the application process and getting approved, your journey to deliver packages gets started.

In case there’s no room to deliver packages in your location, you’ll be added to the Amazon Flex waiting list, where you’ll wait until the blocks are available to work.

Now, during applying you’ll also need to stay for the background check process, and then If you know nothing about Amazon Flex, you’ll then need to watch tutorial videos on it.

What You Can Expect After Applying for Amazon Flex

If you have all the requirements and provided all documents with details on applying, your job is to stay until you get a reply from Amazon Flex about whether you’ll be accepted or rejected.

How Soon Can You Start Amazon Flex?

On applying to become a driver, everything takes less time but, when it comes to the background check process, people become impatient.

Generally speaking, this checking process takes five days to a week or 10 days in some cases.

If you have clean criminal records, you won’t have to wait quite long, conversely, on having negative records it usually takes a long time to respond.

After completing the background check, you’ll be notified of acceptance or rejection. 

In case you get rejected, it may be due to unsatisfying documents, an unnecessary vehicle, or a mobile phone. 

Furthermore, after being rejected, you must not apply again without waiting a while. According to me, you must wait for a year after termination and then reapply.

How Long Does it Take to Get Paid Amazon Flex?

After passing all barriers, such as background checks and a waiting list, If you start accepting blocks in your location, you’ll earn after 2 – 3 days of completed blocks or on your further payment day.

How Much Can Amazon Flex Drivers Make?

Amazon Flex drivers can make from $18 to $25 an hour or a block. Which is quite higher than other delivery gigs. 

Since getting blocks is not possible regularly, this job is known for part-time work, in other words, you can make a decent income just by picking three to six blocks a week.

Additionally, If you choose to deliver Prime Now or Amazon restaurant packages you’ll receive %100 of all tips, which can make you more money than before.

How To Change The Amazon Flex Account Password 

Firstly, In order to sign up for Amazon Flex delivery service, an Amazon account is used for such purposes. Otherwise, If you don’t have one, you can create a new one to incorporate it with your Amazon Flex account.

Further, If you have an Amazon account, you’ll need to follow the steps given below:

  • Open your device, and log in to
  • Explore Your Account option and press on it, tap on Login & Security.
  • Click on Password < Edit.
  • Mention your old password, and the new password, and press Save Changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to be an Amazon Flex driver?

Yes, it’s easy in many aspects, If you have all the requirements for being an Amazon Flex driver and can pass the background check.

What’s the Best Time To Apply for Amazon Flex Job?

In the seasons of holidays, and festivals people get eager to order goods online, hence it’s the best time to apply for an Amazon Flex job.

Can Amazon Flex Drivers work full-time?

No, Amazon Flex drivers cannot work full time, as getting blocks is competitive, before you grab any one of these, some will pick them faster than you.

Hence, you can’t get blocks every day which leads to working part-time.

Is it allowed to have a passenger with an Amazon Flex driver while driving?

Usually, Amazon Flex doesn’t let anyone have a passenger while delivering packages unless they follow some guidelines.

Can Amazon Flex Drivers have a debit card for Payments?

Yes, Amazon Flex Drivers can have a debit card for Payments.

Can Amazon Flex deactivate Drivers for inactivity?

Yes, Amazon Flex can deactivate you If found to have inactivity for six months.

Final Thoughts 

Overall, whether you are a professional, a household, or a student, there’s always room to work part-time on Amazon Flex and make a decent income by side.

On applying for Amazon Flex driver, you just need to know all requirements and have essential documents, once you fill in the details and provide documentation. The main step that takes a long time is the background check.

If you are innocent without having a criminal records, you’ll pass this barrier instantly.

And when there will be blocks in your location you’ll start working and making money. If not you’ll have to wait again on a waiting list.

Lastly, If you have any questions about this guide, don’t hesitate to comment below.

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