How Much Does Amazon Flex Pay

If you want to make a source of income by working part-time, becoming an Amazon Flex driver is worth your dreams and earnings.

But one question often interrupts you before getting started.

That’s how much Amazon Flex pays.

Now, I’m about to walk you through the answer to the given question, how it works, types of payments, expenses you may have, and a lot more.

So, without any fluff let’s get started 

Main Insights

Payment Structure
Amazon Flex pays drivers $18 to $25 per hour, with the potential for higher earnings during peak demand and through tips. Drivers receive payments twice a week via direct deposit.

Amazon Flex Blocks
Amazon Flex drivers choose delivery shifts called “blocks” which have defined durations and pay rates. Earnings depend on the number of blocks a driver takes on.

Expenses for Drivers
Amazon Flex drivers should consider expenses such as gas, vehicle maintenance, car payments, insurance, and taxes, which can impact their overall earnings.

Common Payment Issues
The blog highlights common payment issues like not receiving payment or payment delays, and it suggests contacting Amazon Flex customer support to resolve such problems.

What Is Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex is a delivery service company that delivers various kinds of packages ordered by Amazon customers.

By being a bigger e-commerce website, Amazon is required to deliver different delivery types such as:

  • Amazon Fresh: This involves delivering fresh items, groceries, or other household stuff. 
  • Amazon Restaurants: As it sounds, this service delivers restaurant food to the customers, The main priority of this delivery type is, that drivers must have to hand packages over to the customers’ hand.
  • Amazon Logistics (AMZL): It is the common delivery type that is delivered regularly. If you get loads of orders to deliver, you’ll probably travel short or vice versa.
  • Prime Now: The one thing that separates this option is that it requires faster delivery service than the rest. Only prime members can access this delivery service.

If you are interested in working for Amazon Flex, you’ll need to know what requirements Amazon Flex has, and the background check process is another thing that you must go through. 

Amazon Flex Blocks

Amazon Flex Blocks are different delivery shifts or cycles that Amazon Flex drivers choose to deliver packages. 

These blocks appear on Amazon Flex App to claim and each block has its own defined duration to complete delivery and the amount you’ll get.

Further, Your earnings on this platform directly depend on the number of Amazon Flex Blocks you get to work.

How Does Amazon Flex Pay Work?

As I mentioned, the whole idea of its payment structure is behind the number of delivery blocks or shifts you choose.

The more blocks you are willing to get, As a result, the more money you’ll make, these blocks have an estimated duration that goes from 2 to 6 hours, or you can say it’ll take you two to six hours to go from warehouses to the final destiny of the packages.

During claiming blocks on the Flex app, you’ll watch estimated earnings and the time duration of each block, that’s how you can ensure how much Amazon Flex is going to pay you.

When the packages are handed over to the customers’ doorstep or returned to the warehouse, you’ll instantly get paid for how much was mentioned on the app.

How Much Does Amazon Flex Pay?

Amazon Flex pays $18 an hour which the majority of flex drivers receive.

Further, If you get potential paying blocks, your earnings can reach $25 an hour. Such blocks often come when the demand is high, people want fast orders, or buying seasons arrive.

In case you want to get tips, you’ll have to deliver fast within an hour, these packages often are from Prime Now.

But getting tips is not on your hand, as long as you provide quality work without being late, you’ll get the chance to have more tips.

Since drivers work as a contractor not as employees, Amazon Flex offers to work part-time, meaning you can work 8 hours a day, 29 hours a week, and 116 hours a month up to a maximum. Which is quite less If you compare with employees working hours.

If the festivals or vacations come that propel people to make purchases, the above hours can increase a little bit.

How Much Does Amazon Flex Pay Per Block?

Amazon Flex pays $18 to $25 per block or shift you choose. 

In other words, If you get a maximum of 3-hour block, your earnings will be $54 to $75 according to the standard payments, while If you deliver faster and are punctual, the salary can be added up to more than mentioned.

What Affects Amazon Flex Block Pay?

Amazon Flex Block pay depends on several factors by which you can clarify your earnings, these factors include:

  • Location: The location with higher demand and cost of living may offer higher pay rates.
  • Time of day: The time of day you prefer to work can impact your income. Some delivery blocks, such as those during peak hours or weekends, may offer higher rates.
  • Block length: It’s a matter of common sense that longer delivery blocks typically pay more than shorter ones. 
  • Customers Tips: If you get more tips, you’ll arguably get more money.
  • Delivery types: Delivering for Prime Now or Whole Foods may offer higher pay rates compared to standard Amazon Flex deliveries.
  • Surges and promotions: Amazon sometimes offers surge pricing or promotions during high-demand periods, which can boost your earnings.

How Does Amazon Flex Pay?

Now, you know how much Amazon Flex pays. 

If this question just makes you eager to know how Amazon Flex pays.

Let me tell you, Amazon Flex pay two times a week and you’ll get money via direct deposit.

These two days are Tuesday and Friday when you receive cash in your bank account, but during bank vacation, the scenario may change.

If you have additional tips in your earnings, that’ll be sent via direct deposit after some days.

Getting payment for your efforts is the most crucial thing during your job, If you face any trouble regarding payments, you can contact Amazon Flex support that’s always open for you to help.

You don’t want to miss this next part 

Types of Payments

There’s something you need to keep in mind about which types of payments Amazon Flex offers:

Bank Transfers 

As you know, Bank transfer is the main way for Amazon Flex to pay. 

When you get registered to be a driver, you’ll have to provide your bank account details of where you receive the earnings.

If you mistakenly included the wrong bank information, you can fix it in the Account section of the app.

Can Amazon Flex Drivers Get Instant Payouts?

No, Amazon Flex doesn’t offer instant payouts, there’s only one way to receive payment is through direct deposit.

Once you add your bank details, you are eligible to receive money.

So, you know how you’ll get paid, but what expenses can leak your hard-earned money?

What Expenses Can Amazon Flex Drivers Have?

You can’t know the real worth of the salary unless you know what expenses you expect with the job.

I have found that there are five expanses, that can happen if you drive for Amazon Flex:


As you work as an independent driver, paying for gas expenses is your responsibility.

The longer distance you travel through the vehicle, the more gas will be consumed, hence it’s an important expense that you should know while driving and explore to save more money in such situations.

Car payout

If you don’t have your own vehicle, the car payouts can considerably reduce your income.

Some people want to make a source of income by working part-time, that’s why it’s a good choice to get a car while paying for it.

Hence, If you want to calculate your salary or know if this job is worth your time, this expense should be considered.

Vehicle care

Your whole work depends on your vehicle. If you don’t care about it, It’ll lose performance and can interrupt the delivery of packages.

This care includes changing oils to make the engine run smoothly, balancing and replacement when the tires wear out, and In some cases, brake maintenance.


Having auto insurance is another crucial thing you need to consider.

Driving vehicles for delivery can come with unexpected situations that may require money to protect your vehicle.

This expense can reduce your earnings, but it’s worth considering.


Being an independent driver, you are a self-employee who gets paid without tax deduction.

Therefore, you must make sure how much tax you’ll have to pay above the income.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, let’s discuss some questions that every flex driver wonders to know:

How to compare Amazon Flex Driver Pay with Food Delivery Driver Pay?

Luckily, Amazon Flex pays far better than the rest of the delivery service companies in the same market.

Is it Possible to Work as a Full-Time Amazon Flex Driver?

Yes, It’s possible to work as a full-time Amazon Flex driver.

But, you only work full time If you get 40 hours blocks a week, and It can’t happen.

Your earning depends on the number of blocks you select. If there’s high demand for deliveries you’ll work more and get paid more.

Since, It provides blocks that are enough for working part time, the majority of people want to do so.

Are There Any Costs Involved in the Amazon Flex Driver Application Process?

No, there’s nothing to pay for the application process. Once you know how to apply for a flex driver, you can complete all the requirements.

When Does Amazon Flex Experience the Highest Demand for Drivers?

The amount of flex drivers’ earnings often gets highest during peak shopping seasons and times. These days people are likely to order goods online.

Let’s shed a bit more light 

When Does Amazon Flex Pay?

This section is embedded with all possible questions with answers on when Amazon Flex pays.

These questions are answering Amazon Flex payments in different time ranges.

Does Amazon Flex Pay Daily?

Yes, You can receive payments daily.

Amazon Flex allows drivers to decide to get paid the next day of the delivery completed the previous day.

How Soon Does Amazon Flex Pay?

Now, Amazon Flex drivers can choose to receive payments automatically to the given bank account or Amazon Flex debit card. 

But, the payments that are sent to the debit card come 6 hours sooner than the bank deposit.

How Much Does Amazon Flex Pay Per Hour?

Amazon Flex pays $18 to $25 an hour.

How Much Does Amazon Flex Pay Per Mile?

Amazon Flex doesn’t pay per mile, As I told you before, It pays on the number of blocks you select.

Each block has different earnings and distances to travel.

If you want, you can estimate the average pay per mile in your location. 

For instance, If you delivered for an hour’s block, you received $50, If the distance was 40 miles, you earn $1.25 a mile.

How Much Can Drivers Make A Week With Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex drivers can make $250 to $400 a week If they get 3 to 4 blocks per week. 

Further If you get potential blocks, you can even reach $1,000 a week.

What Are The Common Amazon Flex Pay Issues

Amazon Flex provides good services to its customers and drivers, but, there are also some common payments issues that I have explained below:

Amazon Flex Payment Not Received

In this case, you have delivered packages but didn’t receive money in your bank account.

This issue can be resolved by contacting Amazon Flex customer support. When you contact support, they’ll provide you with a specific solution for your help.

Amazon Flex Payment Delay

This issue often happens, when you have either a bank processing problem that can’t deposit money or Amazon Flex is stuck on converting tips into the deposit.

The tips you get from customers are the main reason for delaying Amazon Flex payments. 

Further, To eliminate this problem, you should contact your bank account or Amazon customer support, which not only assists you but can also Identify other issues that you aren’t familiar with.

The Bottom Line 

So, this is the end of how much Amazon Flex pays.

I assume you have got what you wanted to know.

Overall, Amazon Flex pays per block, the more blocks you take to work the more money you’ll make that’s it.

Moreover, If you still have some things to ask, never hesitate to comment below.

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