How To Get Amazon Flex Blocks Simply (8 Quick Tips)

Are you getting lesser Blocks, and want to know How To Get More Amazon Flex Blocks?

If that’s right 

you are at the place where you’ll get all your solutions.

I have included alternatives to Amazon Flex, some tools that will make your work smoother than before, and 8 ways to get more Amazon Flex Blocks.

Let’s begin now 

What Do You Mean By Amazon Flex Blocks?

Amazon Flex blocks are specific delivery shifts that Amazon Flex drivers can choose to work for Amazon’s last-mile delivery service. These blocks typically stay from two to six hours.

These blocks have predefined duration and locations for delivering packages to the customers. 

This is the great perk with Amazon Flux that you can choose on which schedule you want to work. 

How Do Amazon Flex Blocks Work?

As an Amazon Flex driver, when you log into the Amazon Flex app, it’ll show available delivery blocks in your area.

On the app, there’s an offer section where you can check your available blocks.

These blocks vary based on your location, which kind of vehicle you use (different delivery requires different kinds of vehicles), and the number of existing drivers in your location.

Once you select a delivery block, you’ll need to accept it within a specific time duration. If you won’t accept it, the block will be available for other drivers, so you need to be aware of it.

During the selected block, you’ll pick up packages from an Amazon Delivery Station and deliver them to customers’ spots. 

How To Get Amazon Flex Blocks Quickly

Now, you know about Amazon Flex Blocks and how it works, after getting off Amazon Flex Waiting List

But you saw fewer to no blocks, 

It’s because you don’t know how to get your blocks faster than before.

So, you need to take some tips that’ll help you get your block quickly, although these tactics are not a mascot to show relentless results, but you’ll be far ahead of many drivers:

1. Refresh Your Amazon Flex App Regularly for Fresh Offers

On the Amazon Flex app, local warehouses release new offers typically in a schedule of releasing blocks; these schedules are not fixed and show different results in different areas.

What’s the catch?

Until you refresh your app, it won’t show new offers released by warehouses.

The best way to overcome this issue is, to refresh your app daily, always be aware of new offers, and don’t forget to check your offer tab.

Some flex drivers used to say that there’s a fixed time range when the new blocks are released. 

They claim that watching drops from 9:00 A.M. to 1:30 P.M. for routes in the afternoon and afterward 8:30 P.M. for the coming day.

Well, sometimes It may vary, so be prepared for new offers and always try to open your app and refresh it regularly.

2. Prefer Working Peak Hours

Amazon Flex is known for flexibility in working, you can decide when you want to deliver a product, hence in order to get more blocks as quickly as possible, try working peak hours. 

These durations are busy ones, where you can earn more than often.

These Peak hours change depending on your location, while most flex drivers report that you can get more work at about 10 A.M and 4 P.M.  

Additionally, In shopping seasons such as Black Friday, Weekends, Christmas, and Holiday Seasons you can get more blocks If you sacrifice these days to work.

Also, You need to explore your location’s peak time as different locations have different times. If possible, take suggestions from the drivers who already have been in Flux for years.

3. Take Different Delivery Types

As you know, Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform in the world, hence with Amazon Flex you have the freedom to choose from various delivery options.

These are the followings:

  • This is obviously entrusted to you as a flex driver, where you can pick up and deliver sequential as well as prime Amazon packages. It has the option of delivering regular and same day. These delivery blocks typically take 3 to 6 hours, which can be between 8:00 A.M and 9:00 P.M.
  • Amazon Fresh: This is used specifically for grocery delivery. In this delivery option, drivers pick up products from restaurants or other grocery stores and send them to customers’ locations. This option will take 2 to 4 hours.
  • Prime Now: This is considered the fastest delivery service supplied by Amazon.  As its name suggests, Prime Now delivers packages within an hour for a fee. Due to its fast response, this option is more competitive than other options and hence you’ll get these blocks when it’s available for you.
  • Whole Foods: Their blocks are similar to others but this option is only for the Whole Foods location, where you’ll pick up an order.

As many blocks are available, you can choose from various options.

If you want to earn more, there are blocks that pay more than others, you should need to perform some research, before diving into this game.

4. Make Use of Reserved Blocks

Another performing way to get Amazon Flex Blocks quickly is making use of Reserved Blocks. 

These blocks are different from normal blocks because they’re reserved for your schedule.

In the Amazon Flex app, you’re allowed to use a calendar for updating your availability, that’ll help Amazon to know when you will accept the offer.

For example, say you set a time frame on Tuesday from 2 P.M. to 4 P.M. when you are available for the job, 

And If you get an opportunity from 2:30 P.M. to 3:00 P.M., there is a high possibility that you’ll grab this offer.

Furthermore, As long as your availability changes, you’ll need to update your timing on the app, hence you won’t miss more chances in the future.

5. Improve Your Rating

Improving your Amazon Flex review can be a game changer for you to get Amazon Flex Blocks quickly.

Amazon Flex offers a reward program where you can take advantage of savings, a debit card with extra cashback, and a preferential schedule.

As you level up and get points, you’ll start to unpack rewards. Such as when you complete a block, you’ll earn 10 points. With a good rating, you’ll have the perk to earn more points than often.

For instance, If you have a good rating, you can make 20 points per block you complete. 

Also, once you get the “Fantastic level”, you’ll earn 30 points a block. 

As long as you reach a higher rating you can earn even more than everyone else.

That’s why it’s important to get a good rating, here’s how to get that:

  • Before the five minutes your block starts, show up on time.
  • Your rating will be reset after 3 months. If you drive regularly you’ll always have good ratings, if not, strive to drive regularly.
  • Ensure complete your delivery 
  • Also, strive to deliver every package, because the delivery attempt is a crucial signal for a good rating.
  • Whenever you want to cancel a block, cancel 45 minutes before it begins.

6. Scoot Amazon Flex Blocks Quickly

It seems obvious but recommended by experienced flex drivers that when you get an open block, scoot it as fast as possible.

Each block you choose has a definite time frame and estimated earnings, hence you need to make sure about all considerations before taking it. 

Everyone has different schedules and lifestyles, so choose according to your potential and existence. If you want to skip the block, do it before the 45-minute block starts, as this will ensure to have positive reviews.

Moreover, Amazon Flex has a perk of releasing blocks that start for many days. If this kind of door opens for you, just go further and take advantage of it as fast as you can. 

7. Use up the Preferred Scheduling Feature

This is another perk of Amazon Flex which is called Preferred Scheduling, where you can customize your experience.

When you earn more points and level up your account, you can unpack this feature at level second.

This preferred scheduling lets you choose your favorite pick-up station and delivery days with the time you want to work.

That’s how you customize your driving experience.

Once a block comes up that makes up your choices, you’ll view a “Rewards Reserved Offer” in the Amazon Flex app. which passes you high priority to claim the block.

These blocks are held only for 10 to 30 minutes by Amazon Flex, so you need to claim them before the time is over. This feature is not active until you set your presence in the setting option.

8. Utilize Filters

Amazon Flex has filters that’ll help you find more offers instantly and get more Amazon Flex Blocks.

On the homepage of the Amazon Flex app, you’ll find an Available Now option. And then, when you are on your offers page, you’ll see a Filter Option in the top left angle.

So, when you toggle the Available Option, Flex will show instant offers.

The offers or blocks you’ll get are shorter than normal blocks, that you can start working on the moment you accept them.

This is how you can get more work if you didn’t get yet.

Should You Need to Use Amazon Flex Grabber?

If you don’t know what Amazon Flex Blocks Grabber is, it facilitates your work by automatically accepting your block’s offers.

These grabbing applications refresh your offers tab and claim open blocks the moment they are existing. As a robot, they work far faster than humans can do.

Now this is important 

Should you use them 

By the way, I have unleashed some of the benefits regarding flex grabbers. But when you look at Amazon Flex’s guidelines, you’ll know that these apps are against, and can lead you to deactivate your account.

Even so, it’s found that many drivers use this feature and are getting more results than those who work without such an advantage.

So, If you want to try these platforms not forever, but for the sake of experience, you should choose them thoughtfully and use them temporarily, as it’s your risk.

Famed Amazon Flex Block Grabbers

So, if you want to use these block grabbers, there are tons of apps out there, but for you I have shown some apps that are popular in the market.

For your security and advantage, make sure to explore these apps as you would need to pay for their subtraction plans and disclose Amazon Flex’s account password.

Here’s the list of apps that you can choose 

1. Flex Snatch

Flex Snatch is one of the popular flex-grabbing apps.

This app has the feature of unique filtering, that’ll help you check offers early with customer support. It’ll cost you $90 a month to use, luckily, it gives 2 days free trial if you want to test.

Amazon Flex Grabber
Flex Grabber

2. Flex Grabber

This is quite similar to Flex Snatch I talked about earlier. Flex Grabber falls in the list of best flex-grabbing apps. 

It has a big advantage, in that you won’t have to disclose your Amazon Flex’s security password, which you have to show in the case of other apps.

Flex Grabber will cost you $50 for a subscription of two weeks. It’s a cost-effective app that let you back your money after 1 to 2 extra blocks (You should make sure).

Flex Utility a Amazon Flex Grabbing app
Flex Utility

3. Flex Utility

The last app in our list is Flex Utility, this app lets you choose blocks by applying many filters, such as you can create custom hours, and payout minimums to reserve your Amazon Flex Blocks.

This app offers free to use version, additionally, If needed, you can get its premium version that’ll cost you only $22, which is less than all above.

Platforms Similar to Amazon Flex  

If you didn’t get off the waiting list yet or want to try and take a taste of different kinds of platforms that are the same as Amazon Flex, below are the alternatives I included for you:

DoorDash: DoorDash allows you to deliver food and groceries by using small vehicles such as bikes scooters etc. It also gives you the right to choose the order that’s viable for you.

Uber Eats: With this platform, you’ll earn by delivering food, and meals to the people in restaurants. It won’t require a big vehicle, you can start with your car, bike, etc. 

Instacart: In this way, you’ll shop and deliver groceries to the people in your city. It offers full-time as well as part-time jobs depending on your schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions on Getting Amazon Flex Blocks Quickly 

How Long Is an Amazon Flex Block?

Amazon Flex Blocks usually last from 2 to 6 hours. The more packages you get the more long time you’ll have to accomplish the tasks.

For an estimate, If you deliver 30 to 80 orders, you’ll get a 3-hour long block.

How Much Does Amazon Flex Pay Per Block?

Amazon Flex Pay $18 to $25 Per Block.

How Many Amazon Flex Blocks Can You Do in a Week?

In most cases, you can do 4 to 5 Amazon Flex Blocks a week, when there’s not much competition as big cities.

What Is the Best Time To Get Amazon Flex Blocks?

The best time to get Amazon Flex Blocks is an hour before 10 A.M and 4 P.M. 

What Time Are Amazon Flex Blocks Released?

Amazon Flex Blocks are released between 6 A.M and 11 P.M. 

When Do Amazon Flex Blocks Drop?

Amazon Flex Blocks Drop from 9:00 A.M. to 1:30 P.M. for routes in the afternoon and afterward 8:30 P.M. for the coming day.

How Do You Cancel an Amazon Flex Block?

You cancel an Amazon Flex Block by selecting “Forfeit Block” in the Flex app’s calendar

Why Do Some Amazon Flex Blocks Pay More?

Some Amazon Flex Blocks pay more for someone who delivers more hours.

The Bottom Line 

So, that’s all for getting more Amazon Flex Blocks. 

The majority of people cannot be patient when it comes to the waiting list, if you have crossed this barrier then well done, and wanted to get more blocks, I hope this guide has helped you a lot.

I assume you found all the answers you were wondering to know. 

If you still feel unsatisfied or want to give some handful suggestions, your comment section and I am waiting for you to answer each question as possibly I can.

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