Get Paid for Pictures of Your Body

Are you looking to know how to get paid for pictures of your body in 2023?

If so, you are at the right place, because I am about to share with you all possible things you are eager to know.

In this article, I’ll unpack, who’ll buy your clips, their security, whether is it illegal for you?, how much to expect to earn for men and women, and the 27 platforms to make this happen.

So, let’s take a leap 

Who Will Buy Pictures of Your Body?

Before jumping on this way to make money, I want you to familiarize yourself with who will buy pictures of your body.

When you take your pictures to sell, you will need to know your target clients. This will make you sure to have the right content that they need and have more opportunities for future references.

Remember, your clients will buy pictures of your body online, here’s the list of which types of clients you will get:

  1. Stock Photo Buyers: This is a common type of client that you would get oftentimes if you want to sell stock photos. These buyers could be business owners who want to incorporate these pictures on their websites or apps, advertisers who often place photos on landing pages, or some individuals looking for purchasing images for their projects.
  1. Content Makers: You are now reading this blog post, Similarly there are many blogs, and websites out there, that want to use personalized images to add to their content to stand out from the competition. 
  1. Brands: Many brands who specifically have an online business such as e-commerce, dropshipping, etc often need images to show their products from different angles and persuade customers to make a purchase. These brands could be online jewelry, cloth, or bag shops.

There may be more kinds of clients that you can explore when need.

Is It Secure to Sell Pictures of Your Body Online?

This is the first question that might come to your mind. when selling pictures of your body online, it’s crucial to make sure the platforms you want to sell on are authentic with reliable history. Don’t sell on platforms that are new to the market, ensure to make a deal with a person to be protected instead.

In most cases people get scammed by someone, Once they are asked to share personal details like phone numbers, email IDs, or addresses, they disclose everything.

And guess what

They suffer, hence I don’t want you to make this mistake, whenever any platform persuades you to share personal details, identify their reasons why they want and research about them in the market.

If possible, start with a genuine person, who is not a company, but an individual. that way you won’t have to share pictures with a lot of people.

The Answer?

Yes, It is secure to sell pictures of your body online, but with conceiving everything about who is going to get your images and also reading all terms and conditions of each one.

Is It Illegal to Sell Pictures of Your Body Online?

No, It’s not illegal to sell pictures of your body. You can explore various ways to sell them further, 

But the point is, you need to make sure about the guidelines and conditions for selling pictures online:

Your pictures should not be to crimp someone which is not good for humanity.

As well, depending on which country you are in or you want to sell your pictures, don’t try to break their religious and national recognitions. 

The pictures you are going to sell should be yours to protect from copyrighting issues and confirm your state laws as some states can restrictly ban your work.

How Much Can You Get Paid for Selling Pictures of Your Body Online?

The price of your pictures may vary significantly based on which kind of websites you are choosing to sell.

If you want to sell on stock image websites, you can earn around $6 to $20 per image, the more artistic and creative your images are, the more valuable they’ll be.

Moreover, If you sell on subscription-based websites, you’ll get paid between $40 to $50 per day at the beginning.

As long as your popularity and skills to capture images increase, you’ll start to attract more potential clients and get paid more money than before.

What Are The Things You’ll Need For Best Pictures Of Your Body?

To get paid for pictures of your body you need to have the right instruments on hand, only taking so-so pictures might not pay the amount you deserve.

Camera or Smartphone: Use a decent-quality camera or smartphone that can capture your images from different angles and resolutions. If you have a modern phone you’ll no longer need to have other gadgets.

Background: On taking clips, ensure to have an uncluttered background that attaches to your body and doesn’t distract from the main focus. A simple backdrop space can work.

Let’s come to the point

Where Can I Sell Pictures of My Body for Money Online?

Now, you have equipped with everything you need to think before coming to this moment. If you are ready, below I have provided the 27 platforms where you can sell pictures of your body online and get paid for it:

Sell pictures of your body on Crestock

1. Crestock

Crestock is a website where you can add your pictures or images and get paid for selfies. Its interface is convenient and user-friendly, beginners like you can take advantage of it and your work will get viable.

It has a different model to pay, as you need to earn points to earn money through a picture of your body, meaning whenever someone views your images collection, buys them, or licenses your work you’ll get paid. 

You can also increase your points by taking more feedback, advertising, and so on.

2. Photoshelter

Photoshelter is another lucrative choice to make money selling pictures of your body.

It’s a spot where buyers especially look for pictures of hotels, restaurants, beaches, etc to incorporate them on their websites and run businesses.

It’s a platform that allows users and anyone like you to create a free account and start uploading photos instantly.

Photoshelter also has a section of reviews, galleries, and different designs of layouts for each image, this feature stands this Website out from many ones.

3. BigStock

As its name suggests, BigStock is a stock photo website that allows business owners, entrepreneurs, photographers, or artists to get paid for images.

Due to its authenticity, BigStock has teams dedicated to making sure the images are reals and valuable to the marketplace. 

This website can be the best way to reach a large client base.

Their average commission is around 30% of the price of images you want to sell.

4. Fancentro

From its name, The word fans denote, this website is for influencers and models who want to enhance their number of followers or fans. 

This website generates revenue by premium modal, such as when someone comes to access content, they’ll want to get more features that lead them to buy a premium subscription.

Once you reach a proper following, you’ll attract more sales and get paid 25% of commission on each sale.

Sell pictures of your body on getty images
Getty Images

5. Getty Images 

Getty Images is a well-known stock Images website that has been for decades, due to its popularity and authenticity you can entirely trust its platform and submit your images regardless of any worry.

The thing to consider on this platform is, all of its photos are unique, meaning you might not sell the same images on various websites.

Getty Images pay 20% price of each image you sell.

get paid to sell pictures of your body on Flickr

6. Flickr

Flickr is a website where you can sell images as well as videos of your body. 

If you want, it offers a mobile app that you can use for a more convenient experience.

The catch with this is you must be at least 18 years old.

Also, Flickr is available worldwide which allows everyone from anywhere to sell pictures of their body.

7. PicFair

Do you want to have an online store, where you’ll sell images?

If that’s the case, PicFair is the best one to start with. It has a feature where you can set up your store to sell images as digital or print downloads. 

Due to its over 300k monthly visitors, it’s a great way to enter a global marketplace.

As Getty Images, it offers a 20% commission on each sale you make.

8. ClickASnap

This is the best platform specifically for beginners, as you’ll not only need to rely on sales, you’ll get paid approx $0.7 whenever someone views your images. 

Due to its global reach, ClickASnap has millions of active users worldwide which makes it convenient for you to enhance your reach.

9. ExtraLunchMoney

In ExtraLunchMoney, you have the freedom to sell photos, videos, and even images. This can be a feasible website for people who are interested in video and text content.

Also, with its perk of referral, you can refer this platform to your peers and make money upon money, which can lead you to passive income.

You can open a free account and store, and earn points when your images are sold.

get paid to sell pictures of your body on Canva

10. Canva 

You may know about Canva, it’s a popular online platform where people come and edit images to the next level.

It has more than 180 million helpers all around the world that’s why people can create and edit content from any aspect they want.

When you first sign up and upload your pictures, you are not in charge of any amount.

Further, you’ll get 30% of commission on each sale you get, which is more than every website above.

11. Clashot

The biggest advantage of this website is, you can set your asking price that falls between $0.5 to $80. Which you can’t get on other platforms.

This website is owned by a well-known U.S. photo-sharing company called DeposyPhotos. When it comes to money, Clashot gives 44% of image sales which is far better than the rest of the websites.

12. Sellfy

Like most websites, you can sign up on Sellfy within a minute to sell a picture of your body online. 

The best part of this website is, It let you sell images, videos, music, and other digital products that you are interested in. 

Hence you can also get paid for videos

Additionally, when ads start to show on your account or get sales of images, you’ll get paid.

Along with digital stuff, you can also share physical T-shirts with designs you like.

13. SmugMug

You can get paid to sell pictures of your body on SmugMug.

The best feature of this website is, your images will be entirely on the security of its system. You can access this security in two ways, first off, you can use the public or private option. Second, you can add a separate watermark indication on your pictures to protect them from steals.

It has not a free version, you can only take a 14-day free trial, once you test everything, you can take a subscription.

14. Dreamstime

Dreamstime is a platform that available both for iOS and Android. When you license your pictures, you can get paid around $12 per sale, which will be reduced by 50% for the company’s profile.

The perk is, it provides a free store that you can use personally.

To get started you won’t need to pay, it’s free, while if you want additional features there is also a premium plan.

get paid to sell pictures of your body on 500 px
500 px

15. 500 px

This platform is well-known and has more than 12 million users.

500 px is counted as the highest-earning platform in the world where photographers can make $150 per photo. For marketing, it provides extra tools to promote your work worldwide.

You can test its free features, ahead you can take paid features if needed. When you make sales your payment is directly delivered to your PayPal account which is a viable option for many individuals.

16. Zenfolio

Zenfolio provides various features that can lead your earning to the desired profit you want. 

With its printing and packaging features, it becomes comfortable to incorporate your images into this platform.

When you upload your pictures, you can secure your images by implementing password protection features.

You can establish a clef on your images that’ll be used by clients to ensure security.

17. Instaprints

If you want a reliable platform to sell pictures of your body, Instaprints can be the best choice for you.

This platform has been in business since 2006, and it is still available for us now.

when it first came to market, it was a website, but it became an Android app and an iOS app that can be downloaded on your device.

As Its name suggests, To start selling pictures, you’ll need to link your Instagram account to Instaprints and transfer your photo to its site.

You’ll get paid between $5 to $50 per sale, as you can decide your image asking price.

18. 123RF

Due to its popularity, it has more than 5 million users. If you are selling your images on other platforms, you can sell the same images here regardless of any worry.

You’ll earn between 30% to 60% commission on each sale you make.

Once you make sales up to $50 worth, you can transfer it to PayPal, Skrill, or Payoneer.

get paid to sell pictures of your body on Fiverr

19. Fiverr 

Fiverr is an established website that is used by freelancers to deliver services from their skill set.

Along with many freelancers, there are graphic designers, logos, and resume makers who charge money for the services they provide.

On this platform you can sell your selfies and become your own boss, there’s no limit to how much to earn, the more you sell the more you’ll earn.

20. Scoopshot 

This is going to be an app where you can sell your pictures at the price you want. 

Your earning on this app is directly dependent on the quality of your images, the more quality it’s, the highest price it’ll get.

Scoopshot has a marketplace where you can sell your pictures, Once you make sales, this money is directly deposited into your wallet

Afterward, when you reach the minimum withdrawal amount, you can transfer that money to your PayPal account. If you want to have additional cash, you can join its daily contests.

21. BentBox 

BentBox allows to sell of images as well as videos, as multimedia platforms.

This platform won’t charge a penny to create an account, all you need to have is an email id and a strong password.

Once you set up your online presence, there is no option to decide your price, only you’ll fix how much to charge for each image you upload.

Beyond it, you’ll get a specific link to your page, that you can share on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram etc.

22. Etsy 

Etsy is a known platform where people sell arts and crafts, this can also be used to sell pictures of your body. There’s no interruption about it.

Etsy has more than 3 million monthly users worldwide, there’s no shortage of buyers, you only need to have quality photos with persuasive looking, and people will automatically get attracted to buy.

After all kinds of subtraction, you’ll get 20% of what you earn from sales. 

The point to remember on this platform is, you should establish a personal online store with the desired price for the images you want.

get paid to sell pictures of your body on Adobe Stock 
Adobe Stock 

23. Adobe Stock 

Adobe Stock is another well-known option in our list to get paid for pictures of your body.

It is one of the largest marketplaces in the world for stock images.

To generate profit, you need to create an account on Adobe Stock, once your online presence is established, you can start to sell your images.

Whenever your photo is sold or licensed, you’ll receive 30% of the price.

24. Agora 

It’s a kind of app that’s for Android and iOS devices. The Agora app might be new for you to recognize. 

As it’s an app, first off, download and install it on your device and create your account.

Once you did that, upload your pictures on it, set a price, and sell. On the plus side, they won’t change an additional fee for service.

25. Snapped4u 

Snapped4u is a high-potential platform with over 30K users with millions of uploaded images. You can guess the reach of this platform.

This site is specifically designed for photographers, that’s why it provides a user-friendly experience where you can work effortlessly.

26.  EyeEm

This platform is for photographers and artists to monetize their skills. 

EyeEm can be a viable platform for you to get paid for selfies without any kind of resistance.

EyeEm is partnered with big brands such as BMW and Mercedes which can be attractive and interesting for you.

On each sale you make, you’ll get a 50% commission on the price of your images.

27. Instafeet

The last platform on our list is Instafeet, as its name suggests, it’s a place where you can sell pictures of your body (feet). 

To sell images of your feet, you should be at least 18 years old or more because that’s how you capture foot clips and upload them on the platform to get paid.

It gets better

What Other Platforms Where Can I Sell Pictures of My Body for Money Online?

Aside from the above platforms, I am going to share some platforms in my sight, that will be in your control or you can be your own boss:

1. Online Venues 

Online Venues, meaning online marketplace, can be the best way to reach a wide range of audience and sell pictures of your body online. 

Such as Craigslist or Poshmark. These platforms have millions to billions of traffic from worldwide. If you create charming content, you’ll gain more exposure than on every platform.

2. Social Media

From children to their parents, everyone is a big fan of social media. Social media is the biggest place that attracts people’s attention by providing videos, images. 

Platforms such as Facebook or Instagram can be used to sell pictures of your body online. If you want you can use many social media accounts and enhance your reach for more clients.

3. Website 

You can create your website or blog as you prefer. The difference between a blog and a website is you need to publish new content on a blog but the website is fixed once it’s established with the required number of pages, you can make money.

So, choose according to your potential and goals. Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to ensure visibility on Google.

What Ways to Get Paid for Pictures of Your Body

There are many ways you can capture pictures of your body’s different parts:

get paid to sell pictures of your feet
feet picture to sell

1. Feet Pictures 

Feet images are one of the most popular and demanding pictures of your body. Due to the marketing of sports shoes, flip flops, and stilettos, it’s become the trend to buy foot clips from individuals. You also can capture charming foot images as required for buyers.

get paid to sell pictures of your hands
hand picture to sell

2. Hand Pictures

Hand Pictures are another demand image nowadays, Products such as rings, and hand wraps are worn on hands, hence to market these items, brands want someone to take pictures of their hands and submit them in exchange for money.

Get Paid Uploading Videos 👇

It’s Your Turn 

I have explained all things required to know for you about getting paid for pictures of your body.

Now, you know everything that can lead you to your desired location.

As I told you above, no matter which platform you choose, you’ll need to take quality pictures with proper resolution and size, that clients can use without compromising anything.

So, Now it’s your turn, tell me about what did I miss that’s important for you or what mistakes I need to fix to make this article more helpful for you.

I am always open to answering your questions because it’s your venue.

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