Get Paid To Watch Videos Now With 21 Ways [In 2023]

From NOW you’ll submerge into how you can GENUINELY get paid to watch videos.

The websites and apps you’ll know are from my research and are trusted by many individuals.

In this blog post, I have included ways of how to get paid on apps, and websites and specifically how to get gift cards and get paid on YouTube, Netflix, and Tiktok. Also, I’II exposes why they pay for watching videos.

So, let’s tuck in 

How To Get Paid To Watch Videos On Website

Making money is the ultimate goal of everyone else. People get jobs and work hard. Some people have to go far to attend jobs. 

I know money is a crucial aspect of life that’s why today I came up with these websites that can pay you while watching videos.

Here is the list of websites to get paid for watching videos

1. ySense

ySense is a website with an Adscent feature that allows you to earn money while watching videos.

There are videos of sports, viral clips, and entrepreneurial tips, you can also watch cooking videos that will entertain you too.


Watching Videos $0.02 to $0.03 /video
Referring to friends30% of what your referral makes
Surveys$0.05 to $4 / survey

How To Get A Started

Step #1: First of all, sign up for ySense and it’ll ask for your email id and a password that you can generate by yourself. 

sign up ySense

After that, you’ll enter your username and get an email verification message directly to your entered email address. 

When you verify your email address you are eligible to use ySense 

Step #2: Click the “Offer” section from the menu and you’ll see an option of “Adscent” click it.

offers option on ySense

Step #3: Click on the video section and choose whichever video you want to watch. Remember to redeem your reward you need to read the instructions to sign up here again.

watch videos on ySense
watch videos on ySense

2. KashKick 

KashKick is another website on our list that lets you earn money watching videos. You can also get paid for surveys and online tasks such as downloading apps that give cash back.

This website, I included specifically for the US country audience. If you are not from there. Worry not, below are many websites, and apps for you to know.


Watching Videos$0.5 to $10 /Video
Surveys$0.75 to $2 /Survey
Paid Offers ( downloading, signing up apps)$1 to $40 /Offer

How To Get Started

Step #1: First you need to open KashKick


Step #2: Then you would see an interface below, it’ll ask you for 4 ways to sign up, from PayPal, Facebook, Google, or Email.

sign up on KashKick

Step #3: Pick one out of four and get started. I recommend the email option because you would be getting all notifications at one specific email address you entered.

Step #4: After the previous process, set up your account by adding your Date Of Birth, PayPal, and physical address.

3. Earnably

Earnably is a website where you can get a percentage of its ad revenue in the form of cash directly in your PayPal account and gift cards.

The main reason I took this is, It’s easy to make money with Earnably by watching videos and also by taking surveys.

10,000 points = $1


Watching Videos$0.7 /3 videos
Surveys80 points / survey
Apps installation4 to 20 points / installation
Referring10% of your referral’s earning

How To Get Started

Step #1: Firstly, click Earnably to earn instant rewards online. It will open up three options to sign up. Google, Facebook, and PayPal.

sign up on Earnably

Step #2:  Click any one option and enter all the requirements that’ll be asked later.

Step #3: In the menu section, click the “video” option to get paid to watch videos.

Get paid to watch videos on Earnably
Get paid to watch videos on Earnably

4. Slicethepie

This is a review website that can make you money by the exchange of your opinions about new songs, commercials, fashion items, and videos

By watching videos, you’ll be asked to put your thoughts and perspective about that video.

In addition, there is also room for mobile reviews and surveys if you are interested.


Reviews (Video, items, Songs)$0.01 – $0.20 / review

How To Get Started

Step #1: Get on the Slicethepie website and click “Sign Up Now“.


Step #2: It’ll open up a form to enter first and last name, password, email address, and referral code (optional). Gender, date of birth. Fill all these up and press the “Join” button.

sign up on Slicethepie
sign up on Slicethepie

Step #3: You’ll get an email to verify your account. After verification, you can start.

5. FusionCash 

If you like to enjoy scrolling YouTube or other video platforms, FusionCash is a good one to get started with. Watching videos is one of the easiest ways on FusionCash to get paid.

Aside from watching videos, there are opportunities to earn by listening to the radio, completing tasks, and performing internet searches on the given search engine.

Remember, this website is only for the USA country audience


Watching Videos$0.01 / 10 -15 minutes video
Surveys$0.75 to $2 / Survey
Referring$1 (when they confirm their email), $2 ( when they sign up for an offer), $5 (when they withdraw money)

How To Get Started 

Step #1:  Go to its website and you’ll be asked to enter your username, email ID, password, and zip code as shown in the figure.

sign up on FusionCash

Step #2: They’ll send an email to verify your email address.

Step #3: Add your profile details and the payment method by that you’ll get money in. And after you’ll sign up you’ll receive an instant $5 sign-up bonus from FusionCash.

Now above all, I mentioned websites to get paid for watching videos. So, if you want, it’s time to get a sneak peek at the apps given below

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How To Get Paid To Watch Videos On Apps

1. Inboxdollars 

Inboxdollars is an online website as well as an app that provides real cash when you complete the given tasks. Such as taking surveys, watching videos, and more.

This app has partnerships with other brands and companies, by which they know how better their products and services are as the tasks you complete.

Inboxdollars is specifically for the USA country audience 


Watching Videos$0.06 / video
Playing Games$0.01 to $0.05
Web Searches$0.01 / search
Referring$1 / referral

How To Get Started 

Step #1: First tuck in Sign Up and it will open the page as given below.

sign up on Inboxdollars

Step #2: As you can see, enter your Email Address, Password and press the “Sign Me Up” button.

Step #3: Complete your registration by clicking on a confirmation link, you’ll get directly to your email address.

2. Swagbucks 

Swagbucks was only a website but a while back it launched an app called “Swagbucks App”.

Along with Surveys, Shopping Online, Swagbucks Search, Buying Gift Cards, and Playing Games, it is a way to make money watching videos.

Its videos may seem like YouTube or random videos you watch.

The plus point is, you could use a split screen on your Android to get the video playing while you work on other activities.


Watching Videos$0.01 to $2.50 / video
Surveys$1 (100 SBs) / survey
Referring10% of your referral’s earning

How To Get Started

Step #1: Click sign up and get an instant $10 bonus once you open your account on Swagbucks.

sign up on Swagbucks

Step #2: As shown above, you will need to add an Email Address, Password or you can sign up with Google or Apple.

Step #3: If you entered your email you’ll then need to verify it from your email address.

3. AdWallet

AdWallet is another platform in our list that is convenient to make money watching videos, which is only for USA country audience 

Getting paid by watching ads is the main earning opportunity on this app. When you watch videos, you’ll see ads that’s how you benefit this company and generate profit from them.

When I first found the AdWallet. It was an app, but unfortunately now due to some reason it became a web-based platform, you can know the reason in their FAQ section.


Watching Ads (Videos ads)$0.5 / video
Surveys$3 / survey
Referring$1 / referring

How To Get Started

Step #1: Go to AdWallet and fill out their sign-up form

sign up on AdWallet

Step #2: Sign up form includes your first and last name and zip code. Additionally, you’ll have to provide your mobile number to complete registration.

Step #3: They’ll send a link to verify your number, once you do that you are set.

4. Cointiply 

If you want to have cryptocurrencies by watching videos. Cointiply is the best one to start with. It also has room to earn by answering surveys, playing games, and completing offers.

The best thing about this app is, it runs worldwide, it only requires an Android phone to download this app or can be operated on a web browser.


Watching Videos200 – 500 coins ($0.03 to $0.05) / video
Offers$0.1 – $3 / offer
Referring10% of your referral’s earning

How To Get Started

Step #1: Jump into As shown below, enter your email address and press “Start Earning Now”.

sign up on Cointiply

Step #2: you’ll need to enter your first name, and password, answer the captcha, and press “Sign Up Now”.

fill up the form

Step #3:  Start earning, you’ll then see the dashboard given below. Pick one you want and get started. For watching videos you’ll need to scroll down and you’ll get that.

video option on Cointiply

5. AppKarma

AppKarma is an app that allows you to earn by downloading apps, games and watching videos. As above it is a worldwide app that anyone can use all around the world.

To watch videos, you need to get to the top of the app “Daily Rewards” where you can earn points by watching videos.

Daily Rewards on AppKarma


Watching Videosdepending upon your choice ( withdraw limit $3)
Referring30% of your referral’s earning

How To Get Started

Step #1:   Visit here AppKarma and once your app is downloaded, install it on your device.

sign up on AppKarma

Step #2: After installation, provide your Email address, Username, and Password.

Step #3: When you complete the registration process you’ll receive a small amount as a bonus.

That’s all I wanted to show the apps that pay for watching videos.

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How To Get Paid To Watch Movies  

If you are likely to watch movies, you can also make money with it, watching movies is not a challenge. Somewhere our time gets wasted suddenly by watching videos but unless today. 

Because now you’ll entertain yourself while watching movie videos and get paid for it.

Let’s see how 

1. Start A Movie Review Blog 

You are now at a blog where I share my perspectives through my words. Similarly, as I do, you can also share your thoughts and opinions about movies on your blog.

There are many peoples out there who are already making big bucks solely from their movie review blogs

For example, 

Do you have an idea how much money you can make as a blogger?

Check video below 


AffiliateNo limit
Sponsored postNo limit
Selling coursesNo limit
Advertising networks (AdSense or other) No limit

2. Animation Arena 

If you are looking for a dedicated website to get paid for writing movie reviews after watching it. The Animation Arena is only for you.

Besides movies, you can also get paid for comic books and video game reviews.

To write you don’t need to have a seasoned writer because it’s just about 550 world’s long. You just need to share your opinion and thoughts in your own language by writing and get paid.


Movie review$15 / review (not more than 10 per month)

Eventually, at the end of the month, you’ll have $150

How To Get  Started

You will need to send an email to for more information you can visit here.

3. Taste Of Cinema 

It is another website on our list that can make you money writing movie reviews. They are looking for people who would contribute to them as a writer.

There are two ways to get compensated, first through promotion ( you can promote your company, organization, or social media in your author bio)

Secondly, you’ll get paid depending on the clicks your written content gets.


There is no mention

How To Get Started

They accept emails from for more information visit here.

4. Join Groups

There are also some movie-focused groups that can pay you to give feedback to them. By joining movie focused group you can have the chance to shape the film industry. Everyone has different sights about movies, so every piece of feedback is going to be priceless for them.

For movie lovers like you, joining these groups can simply be an enjoyable experience.


Well it depends on how much time you spend and the group you choose.

Here are the lists of groups:

So those are the ways by which you can watch movies, give reviews, and ultimately get paid for it.

If you would enjoy watching videos on TikTok and getting paid

Then this is for you 

Get Paid To Watch Videos On TikTok 

TikTok is one of the popular online platforms that people are getting addicted on, 

They are wasting their time but you won’t because from now you would know how to get paid to watch videos on TikTok.

Here are the ways

1. TikTok Creator Fund 

If you create original content on TikTok and gain a significant following, you may be eligible to join the TikTok Creator Fund. This program allows creators to earn money based on their video views and engagement. 

To apply for TikTok Creator Fund, you need to make sure these criteria:

  • Your age must be at least 18 years old 
  • You must be from the US, UK, France, Germany, Spain, or Haly.
  • At least 10,000 followers
  • 10,0000 views in the last 30 days
  • Must know their Community Guidelines


Your earning can vary according to views, engagement, advertising revenue, and the country you belong to.

2. Live Streaming And Virtual Gifts

Live streaming on TikTok can get you to broadcast yourself in real-time to your followers and engage with them through live chat, comments, and interactive features.

Now during a live stream, viewers have the option to purchase and send virtual gifts to you (Creator) so, you as a creator can convert these virtual gifts into actual currency.

Here are the criteria to consider:

  • Age must be over 18 years 
  • Must have 1000 followers


It depends on how much audience you have during live, how much they love your work and how many viewers are willing to send gifts.

You may know, when we talk about video only one platform comes to our mind

Guess what 

Get Paid To Watch Videos On YouTube 

There are more than 2 billion monthly active users on YouTube.

Do you know that it’s 42.9% of the global population?

This is the demand of YouTube and you can also use this platform to get paid watching videos on YouTube too.

I’ll show you an untapped technique by Step By Step Process

Step #1: First thing you need to know to get paid for watching YouTube videos is a niche 

To get that search on Google “Top Niches To Make Money Online” 

Search on Google

And then open any one article from Google and pick one niche. let’s say I pick “fitness”

find niche

Nextly, search again on Google “sub-niche in (your chosen niche)”, and you’ll get sub-niches in your niche.

search sub niche on Google

Then scroll and open any one website and pick a sub-niche. I pick “Keto” which falls under fitness.

Step #2: Head to YouTube and search for a video in your chosen niche.

I picked “Keto Diet For Beginners” as shown in the figure below.

search on YouTube

Now choose one video you want to get started with carefully, and watch while understanding their main points.

The trick here’s

Press to the bottom of the video and copy all the transcripts given.

find transcript

Step #3: The next tool I am going to use is called “Chat GPT” or “openai”.

Search this same term on Google.


search openai on Google

Click on the first one “Chat GPT” and after you sign up

select Chat GPT

Type “turn this video script into an article” in the search box.

search on Chat GPT

The transcript you copied earlier paste it over here and wait for the magic.

Below is the article I got from Chat GPT 

article from Chat GPT

Step #4: Copy that article you got from chat GPT and head over to Google Docs. If you don’t have an account make sure to sign up and click the blank Page, paste the copied article here.

Google Docs

Now edit this article, give it space, and make headings and subheadings like an article 

edit the article

To get a clickable heading, get through chat GPT and ask for a heading, and paste that heading into Google Docs.

I can almost hear you thinking 

Step #5: Open a website called which has more than 40 million visitors per month. 

Now open it, after signing up and setting up your account. Paste the heading and the rest of the content you have on Google Docs.


After all, head to the website called Pexels ( A website for free images). Find the relative image and incorporate it into your article.

find fitness photo on Pexels

add image on

It’s time to monetize your blog with Affiliate Marketing. Go to digistore24  (A affiliate program).

After signing up, find related products you want to promote that are related to your niche.

Because I chose the “Keto” niche. I’ll pick a related product to promote.

As given below, I took “Keto Desserts” ( which’ll pay $5.26 per sale)

product on digistore24

Copy that affiliate link, add some suggestions in your post, and paste that link to your content such as 👇

copy the affiliate link

Afterward, start bringing traffic to your article from social media such as Facebook, which has a bunch of groups dedicated to the keto diet and related to your niche too.

Facebook Groups

Lastly, share your content here, promote it and once someone buys through your link you’ll get an affiliate commission.

Remember, this is going to work for every niche, use this tactic in your interested niche and get paid to watch YouTube videos.

And I’m not stopping there 

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Get Paid To Watch Videos On Netflix

It sounds impossible but fortunately, as above I am going to explain how you can make money while watching videos on Netflix.

1. Netflix Tagger Job

Netflix Tagger is a platform where people are hired to categorize and analyze the content on Netflix to improve Netflix’s algorithms.

These tasks involve watching and evaluating content to apply relevant tags and data, helping to convenience the user’s experience.


$25 to $30/ hr

How To Get Started

Currently, there is no job offer from Netflix Tagger as of today, so make sure to keep your eyes on the Netflix job board and set up alerts on Indeed or other job search sites.

Here’s a video for you 

2. Viggle App

Viggle App is developed for TV networks and other brands to reach the potential audience and get them to watch videos.  

To accomplish that, Viggle App helps them bring traffic, and an audience and benefit their company.

When you use this app you’ll get paid for watching videos.

Here’s how to do that

  • Download the Viggle app
  • Login onto this app before you start watching Netflix
  • Then this app will verify what you’ll be watching
  • You’ll earn 1 point / minute + bonus for featured content

You can turn this cash into rewards and gift cards.

How To Earn Gift Cards By Watching Videos 

It seems fascinating to earn gift cards by watching videos. People want to make money by watching videos but some people or maybe you are likely to get gift cards and use them to buy stuff you want.

If that’s the case, I am about to share some apps that’ll let you get free cards:

1.  AppTrailers

As its name suggests, AppTrailers is an app that lets you watch trailers of apps and get rewards according to each trailer you watch. 

This app has been for decades and paid to many individuals in the form of gift cards.

It has various categories of video including movies, trailers, game videos, sports, event celebrating, and gossip videos.


$30 to $40 of worth gift cards 

2. Shopkick

Shopkick is the last one on our list and it’s better than the above, why because you can get gift cards by watching videos and using them directly for shopping for groceries, plus If you use this app to shop you’ll earn too

When you walk into a selected store, you’ll need to scan the barcode of selected products and then you’ll get instant points.


$5 or $10 in gift cards/week.

How To Maximize Your Earning 

Knowing how to get paid to watch videos is not such a big deal but when you know how to maximize your earning you’ll stand out from a lot of people.

If you want to maximize your earning make sure to consider the point I mentioned below: 

Diversifier Your Platforms

Diversifying means joining multiple video monetization activities that you are interested in and increasing your opportunities to earn more. 

Each platform you know has different video options and reward structures, that you can earn more by leveraging a variety of sources.

Be Consistent And Dedicated

By regularly engaging with your audience, and completing your tasks, you can make a sustained source of income.

The more activities you participate in, the more chances you’ll have to earn rewards. Hence set aside time each day and remember if you have some other important activity to complete, do it first.

Don’t live your life around watching videos, take a strategic approach and maintain a work-life balance.

Utilize Referral Programs

This is a kind of passive income source, where you refer to some of your peers and friends and get instant rewards.

Plus, when they generate some profit you’ll also get some percent out of their earnings. So promote your referral link through social media, online forms, or on your blog and boost your earning.

Optimize Your Watching Time

Consider multitasking while watching videos. For example, you can watch videos during your commute, while doing household chores, or during downtime. 

This way, you can make efficient use of your time and increase the number of videos you can watch in a day.

Why They Pay You To Watch Videos

If you are finicky, you might have some questions coming into your head, “What Is The Business Model Behind Getting Paid To Watch Videos or Why Do People Get Paid To Watch Videos”.

Here’s a glance at how this business model works:

Market Research

Many companies, brands, and advertising agencies are interested in understanding consumer behavior, preferences, and opinions. 

By providing platforms for users to watch videos and provide feedback or data, these companies can gather valuable insights to inform their marketing strategies and product development.

Advertising Revenue

Video monetization platforms often partner with advertisers who want to reach a specific target audience. 

By incorporating advertisements into the video-watching experience, these platforms generate revenue through advertising fees or revenue sharing arrangements. 

Advertisers benefit from increased exposure and engagement with their brand or product.

User Engagement and Data Collection

Platforms that pay users to watch videos rely on user engagement and activity. User engagement is valuable for market research and advertising purposes. 

Additionally, the platforms may collect user data such as demographics, viewing habits, and preferences, which can be anonymized and used for market research or sold to third-party companies.

Platform Fees or Subscriptions

Some video monetization platforms may charge fees or offer premium subscription plans to users who want access to exclusive content, features, or additional earning opportunities. 

These fees contribute to the revenue stream of the platform and can enhance the overall earnings potential for users.

Pros and Cons of Getting Paid to Watch Videos

In the world there is nothing without pros and cons, in every people, thing, stuff there are some advantages and disadvantages associated with

The reason I want to share this is that, before you spend years and know what’s bad, you can open your eyes and make measurable decisions.

ProsConsPotential Problems in the Future
Earn money or rewards for watching videosLimited earning potentialDecreased earning opportunities
Flexible work scheduleReliance on specific platforms or opportunitiesIncreased competition
Enjoyment of watching videosPotential for low or inconsistent payPlatform changes or closures
Opportunities for additional income streamsLimited control over content choicesTechnical issues or glitches
Possibility to discover new contentTime-consuming activityData privacy concerns
Potential to provide valuable feedbackPotential for repetitive or mundane contentContent fatigue or burnout

How To Not Get Scammed 

By the way, I have included reliable platforms, apps, and websites. But you might find some other online platforms that claim to get paid for watching videos. 

Make sure to conceive the points I am about to share because a lot of people get scammed by some platforms and I don’t want you to face such adversity in your life

here are some essential tips to follow:

Research And Verify The Legitimacy 

Before engaging with any platform or opportunity, conduct thorough research to ensure its legitimacy. Look for reviews, testimonials, and feedback from other users. 

Check if the company has a professional website, clear contact information, and a good reputation.

Watch Out For Red Flags

Be cautious of any offer that seems too good to be true. Scammers often promise unrealistic earnings or instant wealth. 

Beware of platforms that ask for upfront fees, personal information beyond what is necessary, or payment details without a clear explanation.

Check the Terms And Conditions

Read and understand the terms and conditions of any platform or opportunity you consider joining. 

Pay attention to payment methods, payout thresholds, and any additional requirements or restrictions. If the terms seem vague, convoluted, or suspicious, it’s best to avoid the opportunity.

Use Secure And Reputable Platforms

Stick to well-known, established platforms that have a track record of paying their users. Research the platform’s background, user reviews, and payment history to ensure they have a trustworthy reputation.

Protect Your Personal Information 

Be cautious about sharing personal information online. 

Legitimate platforms typically require basic information such as your name and email address, but be wary of platforms that ask for sensitive information like your social security number or bank account details without a valid reason.

The End 

Congratulations, you NOW have completed this article and know how to get paid to watch videos from websites or apps whatever you prefer.

You NOW know everything required to get paid for watching videos and hence you can get paid and make a source of income.

Because you are dedicated to online earning, start today and achieve the pleasure you want.

Also, make sure to put all of your suggestions in the comment section and let me know where I missed something valuable for you. 

Tell me about your journey of getting paid to watch videos because it’s your venue.

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