Turn Your $100 Into $200 Fast With 6 Proven Ways (2023)

This is the most detailed and comprehensive guide to turning your $100 into $200 on the planet 

In this article, you are going to dive into ways of turning $100 to $200 that are working right now (in 2023)

If you really wanna get some extra money aside from a job, homework, or any household activities you will love this article.

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How To Turn $100 Into $200

Online Course

Turn $100 into $200 through Online Courses

Out of every way to make money. online courses can stand out. Making an online course and selling is the best way to turn your $100 into $200 because you don’t have to manufacture any products and put effort to deliver for someone else. 

The popularity of online courses has gone up. Most people prefer to learn something in their home in their comfort zone.

In this way, you can make an online course all by yourself from recording to uploading. 

Afterward, upload it on online platforms such as Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera etc. And after each course enrollment you will get paid by approx 37% of your course price. And eventually, you will earn while sleeping. 

As I discussed, it has a lot of benefits like after making your course to sell. Once you have submitted you will be free of any effort. But before you make and sell a course let me explain actually how a perfect course can be created.

Because a lot of people make typical mistakes every time and fail, so I don’t want you to struggle with it.

Now, without any waste of time let’s dive into it

I am going to explain all the important parameters of making an on-demand successful course

Pick An On Demand Course Niche

First of all, I want you to make sure what people are wanting to learn and what you are interested in. Then you will able to give all solutions in one place by course 

To check the potential of your topic, search on Google. It will show you people’s interest in the below “People Also Ask” section you will get related information to make your content valuable and classic. In addition to this ‘related searches’ can also be used

People Also Ask section on Google
people also ask section on Google

There are many online communities such as Reddit, Quora, and Pinterest. You can also hang out there and see their interest. 

Reddit Online Community
Reddit Online Community

For more convenience take the help of keyword research tools such as ahrefs, ubersuggest, and Moz keyword research website. With this, you can filter your audience according to County and keywords, sub keywords as popularity.

Furthermore, go on Udemy (an online course-selling platform) and search your keyboard (the topic of your course) you will get an idea of bestselling courses 

Make Your Course 

With consideration of your knowledge, experience and all the market research given above. You should give a fascinating title name of your course that users will stick to.

Additionally, spend adequate time formulating a plan for people who are going to watch

So, finally, if you did all requirements then now you are at the best place to make your course and sell online.

Reach To Existing Audience 

You should reach an existing audience for your course via YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. If you have a pre-built audience, then start with online course-selling platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera etc.

Eventually, you are now ready to sell your course and turn your $100 into $200.

Affiliate Marketing 

In this way, you will sell other’s products and earn a commission from each sale. There are a lot of online platforms available that offer affiliate programs, where you can sign up on their websites and sell their products online. Whenever anyone buys it you will get the commission.

The benefit of this way of turning $100 into $200 is you don’t need to create or manufacture and deliver your product. You will just sell those products online and earn commissions ranging from %60 – %70 or even more in some affiliate programs.

You might think, how can I sell or from where I sell ? In the case of selling, there are a lot of ways to do it. Most people prefer to start with an online website. If you have enough resources and time, think about your website. It is the organic, but time-consuming selling method  

But I will discuss more convenient ways to sell through social media platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, etc where you can make your online profile, presence and recommend products to people. 

Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest 

There are a bunch of social media platforms available but why I took Pinterest for you because it allows you to share your affiliate links regardless of any worry about getting disallowed

affiliate marketing on Pinterest
affiliate marketing on Pinterest

It is found that 80% of Pinterest weekly pinners discover new brands or products on it.

Now, before you make an affiliate link let’s take a look at some Pinterest affiliate guidelines and rules 

  • Don’t make your affiliate link shot by using URL shorteners like bit.ly
  • Be transparent about your affiliate links
  • You should have one Pinterest account where you promote your link
  • Don’t make affiliate pins in large numbers, it should not seem like spam

Given rules are essential to start your affiliate marketing otherwise they can disallow your content.

Moving on, first of all, start with a Pinterest business account because you will look like a professional with additional in-depth analytics that will help you to manage your strategy and work.

Do SEO optimization for Pinterest then the optimized title and description will ensure your ranking. It will also help you to get your pins seen.

Here are the points to consider for better content placement 

  • Create a persuasive and professional-looking profile that people want to reach
  • Write your description with all information related to your products and you
  • Publish an adequate quality logo on your profile 

Choose Products To Sell

After all those steps it’s time for choosing a product from affiliate programs according to your audience’s likes and your niche. Before you choose a product, consider your audience’s interest, age, and gender. 

There are a lot of affiliate programs available but you should take branded and people-trusted programs, also read their reviews online before starting

In terms of products, I believe digital products are beneficial for you. Because the commission is high and they offer a sales page for every product. You just need to bring traffic to the affiliate link, once people enter the sales page, you’ll get commissions.  

Here is a list of some popular affiliate programs in my sight

Amazon Associate

Click Bank

ShopStyle Connection


CJ Affiliate

If you want a specific product that you didn’t get on there, then make sure to search on Google for example, let’s say your product is sports shoes then search on Google “site:pinterest.com intitle:best sports shoes” There you will find best selling products on Pinterest accordingly your competitors 

find best products to affiliate
find best products to affiliate

Now, I have explained all about choosing a product, but it’s important to read each of the terms and conditions that they allow affiliating on Pinterest or not 

Further, you can explore affiliate marketing on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, if you are curious to. 

Below video will guide you

Service Business

In this business, you can make $200 easily even you can also make up to $1000.

To know how, let me explain Although, it’s an offline business it has its advantages 

In simple words buy a demanding product by investing $100 or less. That product should have demand in your locality or somewhere close to you in which you will give service to other people through that product.

For instance, let’s say you bought a pressure washing machine for $100 from your local neighborhood. If you found someone who needed to pressure wash their home or driveway, then you can change $50 to $100 as your customer can afford.

You would need to work possibly for 6 to 8 hours, then eventually you can turn $100 to $200 or even more.

Furthermore, there are also some more service businesses out there, just as Home maintenance in which you need to have a few instruments and enough skill to fix things properly. Just like Vehicle inspection service, you can inspect someone’s car or other vehicles 


Turn $100 into $200 through Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a lucrative way to turn your $100 into $200 

So, what’s dropshipping? 

It’s a process where customers buy some products from your online store and the supplier will deliver that product to your customer straight. In this way, you will become a middleman in this business. Additionally, you won’t need to deal with products inventory.

The benefit of Dropshipping is you can get 60% to 90% of your profit if you have enough knowledge, low competition niche, and adequate market research.

In this article, I’m gonna show how you can do dropshipping with no money. It’s possible because, in this way of turning 100 to 200 dollars, you can start from free.

Here are some points why it’s considered as a profitable business

  • Less amount is needed to start 
  • The process of running it is easier
  • There are a bunch of products available to sell
  • Scaling is easy
  • Location is Malleable

I will be demonstrating all steps to make a profitable dropshipping business for free and if you have enough resources to invest, I have also included that

How To Start Dropshipping For Free Or With Money

Step:1  Find products according to your niche 

Find realistic and market fit products with your interest. You should be passionate about your topic or niche which will help you to sustain your work for the long term and have a good profile margin.

Look around at your competitors in the same niche as what they are doing. You will get some clarification about the best product that users are striving to buy. For instance, on AliExpress people are buying best-selling products. There are also specifications of categories, where you can find your category and get inspiration to start your journey 

Take the help of tools like Helium 10 & Jungle Scout to do competitive research. if you are the first customer you will get a 50% offer by coupon

Importantly, your niche should have around 40% profile margin after sellers fees, taxes, and shipping charges 

Step:2 Choose a helpful Supplier 

You got your product and niche, but now I want you to choose a faithful or reliable supplier by which your products will be delivered. 

There is a range of supplies but in my opinion, AliExpress is reliable, its marketplace has a bunch of sellers. It is known to automate and relieve the majority of their work.

 Step:3 Set Your Dropshipping Store 

Dropshipping Store is your online store where users place orders to buy and pay for it. The store is the main medium of your work from adding products with adequate prices to selling products online. So you need to make it user-friendly, add payment methods according to your targeted audience, and buy a suitable domain name for your store, it should be niche-oriented.

On a freeway, you can set up your online store on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. There are no charges but it has some risks involved. For instance, if you don’t have proper followers then it can cost your efforts, and time. Maybe you will suffer with no sales. On the other hand, if you have enough followers on social media, you can start with it.

If it’s affordable for you to spend some money to get a decent income. Then start with suitable platforms such as Shopify, Woocomerce, or Squarespace; they are popular platforms in the market. Out of them, Shopify will cost you a little less than all. It also has a 14-day free trial feature for beginners.

Step:4 Also Do Product Marketing 

You have chosen your niche, and supplier, but for marketing your products, no matter how good your shop, products, or supplier are if you don’t do adequate marketing you will lose your sales.

In marketing, There are many ways to do it. Including SEO (Search Engine Optimization) usually on Google which helps you to rank on Google’s first page and get a lot of organic traffic. 

There are also social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram 

And another may be your favorite YouTube

Thus, that’s all for dropshipping

This video is for your help 👇


Online Survey

We all have the habit of watching screens, watching videos, shopping online, and playing games. But could you ever wonder that you can get paid to do all these things ? 

In this way of turning $100 into $200, I’m gonna explain exactly how can you get paid by watching videos, playing games, and giving surveys online (answering simple questions) 

There are online platforms that provide opportunities for users to make money by doing this stuffs.

Today in this article I’m gonna show one such online platform, website, or app where you can earn money with zero investment and further, I will discuss making money with the initial investment.

Earn Through Swagbucks 

You can earn with Swagbucks, it’s an online platform that allows you to earn money while shopping, taking daily polls and online surveys, and playing games. It has also unique online offers for users

It needs to be noted that for using Swagbucks, users should be over 13 years old with having an acceptable email address 

In Swagbucks, if you can earn 2,500 Swagbucks (SB points) within 60 days of your account opening you will get an instant $5 bonus.

Here is how to use Swagbucks to get paid

First of all, sign up by clicking its online portal www.swagbucks.com

Then, you have two ways to sign up, first enter your email address and create a unique password

Second, sign up with your Google or Facebook account.

Afterward, you will get video suggestions to watch, it will show many ways to make money. For example, there will be options to earn by logging into websites, shopping on Amazon, buying gift cards from recognized and trusted brands, or installing apps for Android as well as iOS 

Importantly, whenever you perform activities on the Swagbucks website you should make sure to don’t do Scammy things like scrolling through surveys without reading carefully. Because you will always be in the sight of its monitor. They will watch all of your activities, what you do, and how you do it. 

You might face some problems related to earning. Before you start, Make sure to read all instructions. but if you are honest enough then go and make a lot of money and buy whatever you want to buy.

here’s a video for your help


Would you ever wonder that you can be your own boss ? Sounds crazy. But it can be possible by freelancing.

Freelancing allows you to be your own boss, do projects with companies, and earn a decent amount of money. 

Today as compared to past years freelancing is becoming one of the most popular ways to earn a decent income in your comfort zone.

growth in freelance markets

source : flexiple.com

As shown in the figure you can see growth in freelance markets, especially in the U.S country 

 If you look at the people, they all are making money through their skill set.

Skill sets like content writing, graphic designing, video editing, SEO, Programming, Language translation, and a lot more.

skill set of freelancers
skill set of freelancers

In other words, freelancing is a way where you offer services to people through your skill set with the help of online platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, etc. 

Now, you are at the right place because I am gonna share with you a 4 Step process where you can start your freelancing from the beginner level to the next level. 

So, without any further delay let’s get started

Step:1 What’s your goal

Freelancing without a goal seems like running without direction, in this way, you will be gasping with not having results.

You should be specific and realistic about your goal of freelancing. Setting up goals will save 90% of your time and effort.

And as a result, only 10% effort in writing and setting goals will give you 90% more efficient result than before.

These are the important criteria when it comes to goal setting

Money goals: how much money do you want to earn, would you only want to earn 200$ or more? More clearly would you be a part-time or full-time 

Hour goals: In time I am telling you about hours, how many hours can you handle the workload ? How many hours are you willing to give services?

The majority of people start freelancing to quit their job. It’s not a good deal because building your portfolio and client can take time if you are skilled enough. 

Moreover, I highly recommend you to start freelancing as a part time. once you get consistent income with an adequate portfolio and clients. Then yes you can skip your job and become a full-time freelancer. If not then don’t skip your job, keep working, have patience and one day you will get everything.

Step:2 What’s your service

You have chosen your goals, Now let’s take another step.

I think you know the skills that you will offer services to the clients. In this step, you should include my opinion to have some skills out of the list given below:

Website Design

Video editing


Search engine optimization (SEO)

Language Translation

Logo design


And so on

then you don’t need to optimize your freelancing profile in one skill because there is competition 

For example, in content writing let’s say someone needed a writer for a sales copy. It means they are looking only for sales copywriting over content writing.

More specifically, make sure to narrow down your niche according to your targeted skill. Give only one specific service out of one big skill niche. Then eventually the competition will be low, and there is a better chance of success.

Step:3 What’s your pricing 

Once again it’s another benefit of being a freelancer. You will decide your pricing for services with considering the points given below

Hourly: you will get paid according to your working hours. In freelancing you have the freedom to choose to price of the service that your clients will be getting by looking at how many hours it takes to work.

According to the project: there is project-based pricing instead of how many hours you work, you charge money after the completion of every project you get 

For instance, if you are a website designer then You will charge $2,000 for making a single website.

Step:4 What’s your portfolio 

After being clear about service and pricing, Now it’s time for building a solid portfolio.

This is the reason why clients should approach you, they will first look at your portfolio, which means your previous works, how better you performed, and your reviews.

In freelancing platforms, such as Fiverr.com

It’s a platform where clients will appear to you but you should make sure to have an attractive portfolio and reviews.

portfolio on Fiverr
portfolio on Fiverr source: community.fiverr.com

The best way to build a portfolio is to give service with very minimum charge and request clients for good reviews. This is the only way in my sight that is t.

Afterward, when you get adequate reviews you will start to attract more potential clients in the future and you can change more.

So, finally, you have done all the important criteria to be the best freelancer and turn your $100 to $200 fast

You might have some questions arising in your mind, “what if l don’t have any skill set “, well, the answer is to invest your time to learn skills that you are interested in. You may have $100 

Now as I mentioned, let’s take a look at how can you turn $100 into $200 in a day

How To Turn Your $100 Into $200 Fast Within A Day 

When it comes to turning $100 into $200 in a day, there is also an existing risk with it.

If you have enough knowledge and experience then you can go further. In addition to this i have also included making profit with almost little risk that you will be reading ahead.

In case not then I don’t recommend you to accept these strategies (except that one). You can make decent money with the above ways as I mentioned, however, it can take up to four to six months but in that case, you will be out of any worry of losing money.

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 Here are the ways of turning $100 into $200 in a day 

Short Selling

Short selling is a trading strategy where investors borrow shares from someone else who owns them and then When the lender calls for shares, sell those shares into the market at a decreased price and return it to the lender.

Let me explain with an example, say you borrow 10 shares from the owner at the $50 price per share. because you know the price of shares will decrease in the future.

And then you sell all of the shares for $50 to the market, you will get $10Ă—50 = $500. Awesome!

Afterward, when the price of shares goes to $40 per share, you buy those 10 shares at the same price by paying $10Ă—40 = $400 

And then you return it to the lender.

So, finally, you got a $100 profit.

It seems easy but the reality is different. When you sell it at a low price your profit will be decreased by some taxes, additional costs, and margin requirements.

 Here is the step-by-step process

Step:1 Open a brokerage account

To short sell you need a margin account with a brokerage firm that allows short selling. Additionally, you need to give personal and financial information to open an account.

Step:2 Look For Stocks To Short 

Do your research to find specific stocks to short. Pick them whenever you believe the price will go down

Step:3 Check The Stock’s Existing 

Now, before you go to short sell, make sure to check the availability of stock to the broker that you will borrow.

Step:4 Place The Short Sell Order 

Place the short sell order to your broker, discuss the current price and additional costs associated with borrowing, and decide the number of shares you want to short.

Afterward, borrow them

Step:5 Monitor The Share’s Position 

Monitor your short position closely as the stock price changes. If the stock price increases, you may need to buy the shares back at a higher price to cover your short position.

Step:6 Close The Position

Once you have profited from the trade or the stock has reached a point where you don’t feel comfortable holding the short position, you can close the position by buying back the shares.

FX Trading 

It is another way to turn your $100 into $200 in a day. It is also called Foreign Exchange Trading or Forex Trading. It is known for its popularity in the market. 

Forex trading is an act of buying and selling currencies to get profit from the fluctuations in their exchange rate. It involves the buying of one currency and selling into another. Which can be done by a broker

It runs five days a week with an estimated turnover of more than 5 trillion dollars.

Here are the points to consider before you go trading

  • Educate yourself: It’s so crucial to learn something about foreign exchange trading before you make this decision because poor people work to earn while rich people work to learn first thing comes to learn, and then comes to earn. In the case of learning, I’m telling about understanding different terminologies, analyzing different factors that can affect the price 
  • Make a trading plan: stupid people can beat intelligent people if they have a plan. That’s why I am talking about this right now. Make your plan as to when to enter and when to exit trades, and estimate your risk tolerance, it will help you avoid making impulsive decisions and stick to the strategy
  • Get a trustable broker: whether you believe it or not, the broker is the main medium of this game. Choose them with a track record of reliability and financial authority who offers training platform that suits your requirements
  • Keep updated with market news : Always keep updated with market news, because it can cause the market to go up or down. Including economic data releases, political events, and central bank policy changes etc.
  • Discipline Yourself : Forex trading requires discipline, patience, and emotional control. You have to avoid making impulsive decisions, and control your emotions.

Want to watch a detailed video on Forex Trading ?

Cryptocurrency Trading

You may be familiar with this term. It’s also a trading strategy that you would do in the stock market to buy stocks at a minimum price and sell at the maximum price.

In cryptocurrency trading, you will buy cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin on reputable online platforms and sell them to make a profit.

Suppose, you wanna turn $100 into $200 in a day by cryptocurrency trading. Then first you would need to open an account on online platforms such as Binance, Coinbase, or Kraken etc. Once you open your account then deposit $100 into the exchange and start training.

To turn $100 into $200 , you would need to find a cryptocurrency that is expected to grow in the short term. You must also need to analyze the market by using some tools and strategies such as technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and sentiment analysis.

Flipping Items 

Flipping items online is another but lucrative way to turn your $100 into $200.

The existence of risk in this method is a little.

Flipping means buying an item at a low price and reselling them at a higher price, you could also sell your items from home that are not useful for you.

Let me explain how, with 6 step process

Step:1 Clear Out Your Space 

In the matter of item flipping, clearing out your space is the first thing to consider.

A cluttered space can make it terrible to find and sell the products that you need.

It can cause you demotivation, stress and lose your productivity.

In order to clear out the space, first of all you need to make sure what you wanna keep and what you wanna sell, also what you wanna throw away

Separate them which are in good condition, and throw garbage which are broken

Afterwards, organize in a way that will make them easy to access. Use storage solutions like shelves, bins, and baskets

Step:2 Take Pictures

Now, you have organized all the stuff needed to sell. It’s time to take pics of them in a way that you add pictures to the online platforms.

If you like to edit photos, you would also like to Make Money With Photoshop

take pictures to flip items
take pictures to flip items

You don’t need a high quality camera, instead you can use a smartphone , or desktop whatever you have that you would be using to read this article right now.

Prefer to take clips from every possible angle of your items and add a specific logo if you want.

Step:3 List Your Items

At this moment you need to add all those clips or pictures in online platforms such as eBay, facebook marketplace

products on Facebook marketplace
products on Facebook marketplace Source: thisonlineworld.com

Before you get started to add them i want you to do some research like, look at the similar items on platform that you have, what are the prices. In this way you’ll get an idea of your listing price 

List your stuff at a competitive price and never undersell yourself at a discount.

And finally sell on the platform that works best for you 

Step:4 Ship The Item 

If you want to sell on online platforms.

You will need to ship the items out.

Furthermore, pack your organized items and also label the package with the buyer’s address and your return address.

Then consider using eBay’s platform because it’s reliable and trustworthy.

Also, If you want then take a look on video

How To Invest $100 To make $200

So, finally I have discussed all the best ways to turn your $100 into $200. In the case of a long investment it’s going to be different and profound ways to invest it.

Invest In Self Education

When Warren Buffett was asked a question by a journalist “How could you become so wealthy”  then he indicated toward his bookshelf and told the journalist that I used to read books every day.

According to him, the power of compounding works well on investing in yourself more than the investing in money.

According to scientific research people who read 7 books in a year, can increase their chances to become a millionaire by 122%

This is the major benefit of self development. But you might be thinking why I am telling about book reading, a lot of free summaries are available on YouTube for self development.

It is because to get efficient and effective brain power, you have to read books as consistently as you can.

You can invest $100 to buy some profound and life changing books such as 8 Books To Grow Your Money, Wealth And Financial Prosperity and learn life changing lessons from them.

Don’t start with reading for 1 – 2 hours every day, you should start by taking small little tiny steps.

For instance, start by reading one paragraph of a page and after 1 week increase it to one page and so on.

Eventually, you will get into the habit of reading every day or as you prefer and honestly, you will enjoy it further. Afterward, you will be the sharpest and most knowledgeable person in your locality or your friend circle.

In this way you can not even make only $100 into $200 but a lot of money.


Finally, from selling courses to turning $100 into $200 in a day and investing I have explained deeply with all information and points that I got from research and hard work. If your article seemed to include something missing. Please don’t shy away from commenting below. I will add your suggestions to this article.

I am also curious to know which information provided you value, and which method are you going to apply in a day or for long-term self-improvement to make $100 into $200 or a lot more.

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